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Modern Day Spotlight

Redemptive History in Two Verses: To the Israelites Belongs the Glory

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EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is the fourth in a 10-part series on Romans 9:4-5 exploring Israel’s relationship with God and what it means for the rest of humanity. The views…



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Carnival is the annual debauchery that precedes lent in Brazil.  It is especially strong here in the Northeast and our region is the main party spot for the entire northeast…


Favela Ministry

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Yesterday when the team was ministering in the favela, they were invited into a home unfamiliar to them. The woman that invited them said “please pray for my pregnant daughter.”…


Julia’s Story

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Recently it was decided by the judge over our jurisdiction that one of our girls would be moved to the jurisdiction of the court in her home city, about an…

Latest Field Worker Updates

The Ministry of Comfort

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Looking inside a Safe House one would begin to wonder where to begin with the sparrows.  We have read their history, heard some of their fears, and even looked into the…

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The Gospel in Cuba

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It’s been rough being back in the states for me. People don’t seem to be hungry for the WORD as much as those in foreign lands. I am traveling to…


A New Day Dawns

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We got a house. Nicest one on the property. So nice it was previously where Hopeland welcomed special guests. I guess that’s us now, except we’re no longer visiting, we…


War Against Human Trafficking!

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Redeemed Ministries continues to go forward in the aggressive war against Human Trafficking and rescuing victims.  It is their goal to disciple girls into a new beginning  and hopefully a…