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Modern Day Spotlight

In the Tent of a Refugee

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For many years now, the Middle East has been on my heart. Newer to my line of sight is the current refugee movement. I say refugee movement, rather than refugee…


I wish you were my daddy!

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¨I wish you were my daddy!¨ She nonchalantly said as she hugged Ronald goodbye. It  was a day like any other. We had known Jasmine and her family since she…


Missionary Internship – Gutierrez Family

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One of the most exciting thing about the mission field are all the real life stories. Stories of people coming to faith, children being rescued, communities experiencing supernatural heart healing…


Family as mission, House as mission base

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Hundreds of people have crossed our home’s threshold since entering into full-time ministry years ago.  Some for group bible studies, others for marriage counseling, some interested in adoption and foster…

Latest Field Worker Updates

Who Is Worthy Of The Gospel?

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Who is worthy of the Gospel? Simple: Anyone who wants to be. Only the those who reject the Gospel are eligible to judge themselves unworthy of the salvation message and…


Must Evangelists Perform ‘Signs’ To Be Effective?

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As noted in a previous blog post, one of the biggest misconceptions about evangelism is that we shouldn’t do it unless we have “divine appointments” — that is, opportunities to share the Gospel…


Can you do missions when you are not on the “field”?

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Can someone positively affect the world by the work of the Holy Spirit? Would that necessarily mean that a person must be a missionary or an ordained minister to do…


Servant-Minded Evangelists Entrust Their Opponents To God

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The following article is the last in a seven-part series about the character of an evangelist from 2 Timothy 2:24-26. There is one critical bit of information that every evangelist…