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Modern Day Spotlight
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A Peruvian Boy

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As I write this from my upstairs bedroom (turned office by day) I can hear the noise my three year old and eleven month old boys are making. There is…


European Authority

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Europe holds a special place in human history of battlefields. We are able to recall and easily remember the famous encounters of WW1 & WW2. The engagements of the historical…


A Sense of Urgency

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I love our boys’ school; the teachers, the administration, the classmates, the facilities they all just give me a sense of peace when I drop my kids off each morning….


Does God Need Us Here?

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Does God Need Us Here? There is a pitfall that we, as missionaries, have a greater potential of slipping into. It’s the self-convincing thought that God needs us here. That…

Latest Field Worker Updates
Rose and JiMing

Grieving with Hope

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I had a wonderful pastor who once preached a sermon about our lives being an adventure and not a journey, and I can certainly say that this month has been…

Liz & Honour at kitchen table

Change the World from your Kitchen Table?

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As I raised our family and our first young ones were still too young to read, I would read aloud missionary stories. It was so exciting to read the amazing…


Abba, I belong to You.

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“Abba, I belong to you. You’re more real than the ground I am standing on. You’re more real than the wind in my lungs. Your thoughts define me, you’re inside…


The Good News in Wal-Mart!

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I recently bought a one way ticket to Nepal, where there still are many unreached people groups in the mountains, but today I was in Walmart, looking to get my…