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Modern Day Spotlight

A Moms Appreciation

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I have said it before and it will continue to say it, you can touch the nations in one visit to any of the major train stations here in Brussels….


Red Zones: The Last Frontiers of Missions

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It’s really pretty simple. We need more of the the green people to focus on helping the red people while they continue to reach out to their own people group….


Rick Warren Calls Pastors To Repent of Localism

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At the Exponential West Conference held recently at Saddleback Church, Rick Warren called Pastors to repent of what he called “localism” and to join him in adopting the final 3,000 plus unreached unengaged…


A Pastors Confession…

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50 years ago from this past weekend was the beginnings of the Free Speech Movement on the Cal-Berkeley campus. While I’m not a historian of the event, I do understand…

Latest Field Worker Updates

Death and Glory

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  So you want to be a missionary, huh? The glory, oh the glory, but what about the underwear, or the lack there of when you forget all of yours…


Adoption. If I Were Starting Again.

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We’ve been on the adoption train for a remarkably long time.  I say remarkably because it just doesn’t seem like that long….the best experiences in life seem to pass quickly,…


The Worship Project

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To be honest, we have only been in Ireland for a month and a half so far, but we already have so many testimonies of what God has been doing…


Good Things Take Time

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Growing up I was taught that good things take time. I am not always the most patient person while I am waiting, but I know that God’s timing is always…