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Modern Day Spotlight

People Like Us Support Missionaries

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There are still people in the world who regularly support missionaries and their ministries as a part of their regular giving.  What are they like?  Why do they support the work…


Lets Put Us All In Storage

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People yearn for simpler times, at least if one believes the buzzfeed articles. Everyone wants a 400 square foot house. Everyone is going to a raw vegan diet. Good Americans…


Resistance as Sign

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I had a recent chat with a friend who is walking out a difficult adoption. I admit to flinching as a writer when typing “difficult adoption” because there are few…


The Nursing Mom

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Everyone has those moments in life that change them. Moments which stick-out and stay with a person forever. Usually those moments swing the pendulum between sorrow and regret, and joy…

Latest Field Worker Updates

The Spirit is Moving in Mexico!!

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We had an opportunity to pray with 2 of the participants (Married couple) from Cancun prior to the Seminar via Skype. When we communicated with them about hosting our first…


Leeches Feasted On Her White Flesh

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Pizza and coffee, I couldnt help it, I was so hungry and Bigyan and Yam aka Micheal Jackson had never had pizza before. I love lentils, rice, raw garlic, and…


Community Living Within a Safe House

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God has called us into community living most of our service time to Him. We started in our own farmhouse with 50 abused children/teens for 10 years. Feeling the church…


The Indispensable Key to the Unfinished Task

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The Indispensable Key to the Unfinished Task Elizabeth Adleta, Global Prayer Strategist, Mission to Unreached Peoples Ethnê is the Greek word Jesus used for “nation”—a word which means tribe, ethnic group…