1 in 20,000 – A Salvation Story

by | Jul 21, 2021 | Missions Articles

The week before last, a guy on my team met a girl who he shared the gospel with. She was very interested in what he had to say but had to go to class. He told her that our team comes once a week and he’d love for her to get connected with his friend, Angel. (That’s me! ??) So she gave him her number to relay to me! BUT, long story short, my phone broke the day before and my iPad was stolen from a locked car, that day, probably as they were speaking. But don’t be sad for me because this story isn’t about me. So for the rest of that week and the next I had zero means of communication, which was great, but that meant I couldn’t get in touch with Sam’s new friend that was curious about Jesus!

The next outreach day rolls around and I still had not contacted this girl. Sam and I hadn’t communicated either because our community is so big I never really saw him again until a week later. He texted her when he found out I couldn’t but, got no response. So we went off to evangelize that day in hopes that I’d be able to connect with her the next week when I had a phone. Sam and I went our separate ways to talk with the UCI students. UCI is large campus with 20,000 students so it’s rare to even run into our Circuit Rider friends.


I was walking around with my friend, Victoria & I saw a girl sitting a good distance away and I thought “I need to tell her about Jesus.” So I walked up to her, we started talking and I encouraged her. She asked who we were and I explained that we didn’t go to UCI but are missionaries. Then she said “Wait, do you know Sam?” SHE WAS THE GIRL. We put 2 & 2 together and her eyes welled up with tears as I told her this was no coincidence and that God was truly after her heart. Then at that moment Sam and my co-leader, Ben walk up! Ben shares the Gospel with her & she accepts Jesus! She was so undone by the intentionality of God and the way He orchestrates crazy meetings like this! Now she and I are gonna grab coffee as soon as her midterms are over!

By: Angel Mabuni

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