How God Honors Obedience

Apr 26, 2022 | Missions Articles


I miss my family a lot right now. These past few weeks have been very difficult and I really need my mom. Sometimes when I am talking to God I ask Him why He had to move us so far away from the people we love so dearly. Recently, a close family member suffered a stroke. We were talking with him on Easter where he is recovering in a rehab center. He mentioned that the entire family was gathering together to celebrate and that he wouldn’t be able to attend. Joking around we said, “See what it feels like? We always miss out” and his response was, “You made that choice”.

I was reading through Exodus and came across the story of Moses. I’ve read this story many times but this time I was shocked. Did you know that after God told Moses to go to Egypt and free the Israelites from slavery, that Moses questioned and pleaded with God 5 times before he yielded? 5 times!

“Who am I?”
“What if they won’t believe me or listen to me?”
“I am not very good with words”
“Lord, please send somebody else!”

This is the part that gets me. After Moses pleaded with God 5 times, God got a little angry, but instead of pouring out His wrath He provided Moses with Aaron. He provided him with a companion and someone to help him communicate with Pharaoh. This is grace…Pure, loving, patient, and undeserving grace.

The other day I led a team to a local prison. None of the team knew, but I was terrified. That morning my companion (my husband) became sick. I sobbed at the kitchen table and questioned God, “My Aaron can’t go with me! What am I going to say?” We entered the prison and I put my brave face on for the team and encouraged all of them to share the gospel so I could gain enough courage to do it myself. We entered the last patio and the Holy Spirit came upon me and gave me the exact words in Spanish to share the love of God with these young men. God touched multiple people that day.

Sometimes I feel like Moses. I question God on many things and most of them are about being a missionary in a foreign land and feeling inadequate. You know what He does when I question Him? He gives me grace. In Moses’ case and in everyone’s case, when God asks you to do something you do it. Yes there is an option. However, any option against what God is asking is disobedience. Usually what God asks us to do for His Kingdom is HARD. Do you know what is amazing? When you walk in obedience to God’s calling He gives you exactly what you need to fulfill what He has asked you to do.

“God replied to Moses, “I AM Who I AM.
Say this to the people of Israel: I AM has sent me to you.”
Exodus 3:14

By: Amanda Vining

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