5000 Philippine Students Encounter the Presence of God!

By September 16, 2019Missions Articles

It’s refreshing to be back in the Philippines ministering to young people! Unlike many countries, the Philippine government allows the gospel of Christ to be shared in their school systems. And because of that, we have witnessed an amazing movement of God throughout the public schools! 

Last week, we had the opportunity to share the gospel with over 5,000 students each day. The Spirit of God was moving so mightily that I witnessed countless students moved to tears as they experienced the amazing love of Christ. I’m excited to share with you that each day, hundreds of youth came to know Christ! 

On Friday morning, I visited the largest high school in the city where I live.

It was 6am, and nearly 700 11th and 12th grade students gathered at the school’s outdoor basketball court to hear about Jesus. 

After sharing the good news of Christ, God spoke to my heart, that instead of doing an alter call, He wanted us to intentionally approach the students and pray for them.

As we began praying for the students, we played the worship song “Beautiful Name” in the background. It’s amazing how worship stirs up our hearts to respond, because we witnessed hundreds of students, with tears in their eyes, surrender their lives to Jesus! 

In fact, many of the students were so moved by God’s presence that you could hear their tears over the music. 

There was one student that God drew my attention to in the front row. This young lady was crying and I could sense that God was doing a mighty work in her heart. I later approached her and asked her what was going on. She replied that she was a muslim and that she was crying because she was feeling the presence of God! How amazing is that?!

I’ve always said that, ‘One moment in the presence of God can change someone’s life forever.’ And that is not only true for this young lady, but for the hundreds of students that came to know Jesus last week! 

I will continue to share the gospel throughout schools in the Philippines. Please pray that God continues to open doors and utilize me to win thousands to Christ! 

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– Tom Gustafson

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  • Avatar Carol Baird says:

    Praise Almighty God, nothing is impossible for Him. Keep up the good work! I wish we could do that here in Cambodia. I’m a fellow pilgrim like you with Modern Day. In WarRoom Prayer weekly we pray primarily for Cambodia, and the entire world. Carol Baird

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