We had just finished a packed two days, meeting a Board member for Lifeway Haven (Recovery home we work for). After two days of meeting his family and sharing testimonies of how we came into our relationship with God, it was time to return to Lifeway. Our directors drove us there and we returned tired and ready to unpack and settle back into our routine. About five miles from where our car was left, we all noted a young woman sitting on the side of the road. Her head was buried in her hands and she was surrounded by about six bags of luggage. It was HOT and it appeared she was stranded.

Our director, looked back at us and his wife and asked what we all thought about stopping and trying to help her. The census became a quick YES in the car. She shared she was walking to a large town to be with her two teen boys and had been thrown out by her boyfriend. Her bags she sat on were a representation of the baggage in her life. It was not too long before we recognized that.

We dropped her off at a quick stop and after giving her some cold water and money, she decided to stay there and hope for another ride to get her closer to her destination. We got into our car where we had left it and the agreement was that we were to return and if she was still there, take her in to her destination ourselves.

We returned and there she was, red faced, sweating, and sitting on all those heavy bags. She hopped into the air conditioning car and a destination was told to us. We had a 30 min. drive, so we loved on her the whole way there! We told her how much God loved her and it was NOT His plan for her to be sitting on the side of the road alone. Tears began to fall as we both told her He loved her VERY much. We passed tissue to her and in a few minutes, a Bible we had in the car. She shared her distressing situation, jail time facing her, not attending church, and much more. We directed her to the fact that this was NOT an accident and we met her for a purpose.

She willingly let us pray for her and as she slipped out of the car, she turned and thanked us and gave us a big hug. We unloaded all her bags and in our hearts we prayed that she would unload her emotional bags and hurts onto her Father who sent us there. What an opportunity. She was tender. We had seen cotton field after cotton field where we were on our trip. There was the white fluffy balls on each plant, ready to be picked. We had been reminded that the fields are white unto harvest and we found a soul ready for the love of God sitting on the side of the road.

She told us all we were angels and we thought perhaps she was one, testing us to see if we would drive by and not care! We all agreed that this moment was the BEST part of our trip and a great reminder that we are His agents and to always be ready in season and out! We’ve decided to buy 2 Bibles for the car now and always keep that extra one for back up! God bless you Angela as He reveals himself and His enormous love for you. Just a stem of cotton ready to be picked by God’s Cotton Pickers, working His fields in the heat and lateness of the day . What an AWESOME God and Father we have. His tender mercies and new every morning.

by: Nancy Brown

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