Our Team

Get to know the dedicated individuals of the Modern Day Missions team.

Meet Our Founder

Elias Reyes is the founder and president of “Modern Day Missions.” He also serves as the chairman of the board of directors.

Meet Our Team Members

Marvin Slaton II

Executive Director

Marvin Slaton II is the executive director at Modern Day Missions and is on the board of directors.

Alan Falks

Finance Manager

Stephanie Leigh Gutierrez

Missionary Care Manager

Revée FazalDin

Communications Manager

Jacob Koeshall

Finance Coordinator

Luke Eubank

Creative Coordinator

Mark Brock

YWAM Ambassador

Our Board of Directors

Nic Lesmeister

Jeff Bishop

Daniel Gutierrez

Matthew Turvey

Bill Themelaras

Joe Matthews

Keeton Storts

Rebeca Richmond