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Upper Room – Zagreb

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For 25 years, the Lord has gripped our hearts for Southeastern Europe, and in 2013, He opened the doors for us to move to Zagreb Croatia.Two years ago, we founded a ministry, Intentional Strategies for Transformation or the IST Group, and our heart is to pioneer and resource redemptive transformation in Southeastern Europe. We do this through three pillars: First through prayer, second, through helping the poor and underutilized, and third, through developing next generation leaders. Read More

Prayer is the Mighty Engine

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“Prayer is the mighty engine that is to move the missionary work.” A. B. Simpson

For the last year, as intercessory missionaries we have had the opportunity to pray in collaboration with and for different ministries. One of those is One Voice Student Missions (OVSM), an evangelistic ministry to high schools, based in Pasadena. When they have a student and faculty representative that partner with them, they can go on to public high school campuses and have gatherings to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They work together with local churches where they train and equip them how to adopt high schools and engage the students by having a bible club on campus. Read More

Treated Shamefully For The Gospel

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As documented in previous posts, there have been times when I have been insulted, mocked, even cursed as a result of my efforts to lovingly share the Gospel with people. I have been treated, in a word, shamefully. Many Christians, fearing such unpleasant encounters, avoid sharing the Gospel with people unless they are already acquaintances. Jesus also hates when His followers are verbally or otherwise abused, but not as much as He hates when the unredeemed go days, weeks or months without hearing the salvation message. Read More

Here I Go Again On My Own

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“Here I Go Again” was a famous song by Whitesnake in the early 80’s. One of the famous lines from the the song was “like a drifter, I was born to walk alone”. While I have always personally enjoyed this song, I’m not quite sure it offers up the best advice. Of course, I’m pretty positive that was not their intention. The big hair bands of the late 70’s and 80’s gave us some power ballads to listen to and lifestyles to refrain from. The “good times are killing us” is a fitting theme to the lives lived by many of those bands. Read More

Good Friday 

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Being in a religious city our desire is to serve this city so people can  meet with the living God. As a minority we need to build a trust. We have been doing it for last 7 years in the city of Krakow, Poland. Last Good Friday, we had the president of Krakow with his wife visiting our Good Friday event. It was an absolutely incredible time to see the highest authority of our city celebrating with us. After the service they were so impressed and moved. “This is how the church should look like” was the statement as we were saying good bye after the service.

Why did they come?

The President decided to come for the very first time for non catholic events only because we have built a trust for the last few years. In March 2016, the city of Krakow announced a beginning of programs for Senior Citizens of Krakow. We have applied and have started one. Now we have over 200 senior citizen active and still we have new people coming . The program is one of the best in the city. The church has got incredible positive feedback. The vice president of Krakow is so impressed that he is pointing at us as example for others.

This centre helped us to get more favor in the city. The local counselor has become one of our friends who is connecting us with other key leaders in the city. Because of this program, every few weeks we have meetings with local authorities regarding the future of our district and our city. We talk and plan what we can change in the  future in many aspects of city life. We call our building “Heart of the city”. We pray that right here we will give vision and pulse for city life.

Our seniors participate in many events we run as a church. They call this place Home. We have realised the seniors are very open to talk about faith and other aspects of life. We show them our love and care. We are not preaching at them. we are showing them what the Kingdom of God is. Some of the seniors kept us distant at first. Now they see that we have done and this has opened relational doors.

Our story got higher to the president of the city.
Transforming the city starts when we serve the city.

Zbigniew and Magda Marzec
Church For the City Kraków, Poland

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Building a Home on Earth to Proclaim a Home in Heaven!

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For over 10 years Vital Seed Ministries has trained, counseled and invested in Kingdom-centered businesses on nearly every inhabited continent. Australia you’re next! As I write this we have a team departing for our third mission to Cuba and our Bethlehem Project, which trains Palestinian Christians in Bethlehem, is ready to launch another new business. The Bethlehem Project, in addition to identifying and training leaders in Bethlehem, also organizes collaborative projects that give creatives and business owners in the US an opportunity to partner with Palestinians. Read More

Taking ‘Good News’ To The Street

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Street evangelism (or “street preaching”) has not been a popular method for Christians to share the Gospel in the 21st Century. At the outset of the new millennium, few more than 1 in 10 Christians used this method of outreach, according to one study.1 If conversations I’ve had with fellow-believers are any indication, that number could only have diminished in recent years. Read More

Blessed Coming in and Blessed Going Out

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In 2016, we felt the Lord gave us a word to return to Quintana Roo, Mexico (City of Cancun) to host a Freedom and Fullness Seminar to encourage Church pastors and leaders. Our last seminar held there was in November 2015 in a church with over 120 people attended.

During our March 2017 trip to Quintana Roo, we meet with different pastors and leaders from different Christian churches. As we shared our testimonies with them, God move on the hearts of the leaders and gave us tremendous favor with them.

This trip we stepped out in faith and God blessed us coming in and going out. Read More

Proclaiming Truth When People Refuse To Hear It

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Sadly, there are many people who don’t believe the Gospel merely because they don’t want to believe it. Nothing an evangelist — no matter how skilled the advocate — says to such a person will prove to be convincing. The Scriptures demonstrate that point, as do a handful of my experiences.

Once I encountered a tourist here in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, who said, “I refuse to believe” the Judeo-Christian portrayal of God’s character and nature. He didn’t say “the Bible’s theology is unbelievable.” Rather, he refused to believe it and explained how distasteful he found Yahweh to be. I tried to gently point out that his objections weren’t intellectual (as he had initially claimed) but personal. Shortly after that, the man angrily walked away. Read More

Evangelism And The Identity Of Jesus

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Evangelism isn’t primarily about convincing people to embrace Christianity. It isn’t about inviting people to your church (although when I’m wrapping up a Gospel conversation I always invite people to attend church services with me). Evangelism also is not about trying to convince people that God exists. Evangelism boils down to this primary question: Who is Jesus? If people answer that question correctly, they will be easily guided to the proper conclusion about those other topics. Read More