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God Did Make a Way!

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In the last few months, some team members and I started a friendship with a young mother who had been on the avenue prostituting because she was without a job, without help, and without hope. In October, she decided to accept our offer for coffee and conversation. In November, some team members and I visited her in her home. It was this day she boldly declared to us that she had decided not to return to the avenue or to ‘that life’, even if she had no way of feeding her two boys or paying her rent. She was two months behind on rent and the owner of the house was outside waiting for us to leave so he could enter and collect his due. This girl believed God would make a way somehow… Read More

Facets of this Hidden Jewel

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This island of refuge to many, Cyprus is a hidden jewel in the Mediterranean. This nation that has been conquered and changed hands so many times still has its problems today, though the Lord’s plans for her are higher. In working in the Middle East on what our network refers to as the Isaiah 19 highway reconciliation is a key portion of what we help to facilitate. This is what my story touches on. Read More

What’s your story?

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It started out as an assignment. Five of us were asked to drive to Galway, Ireland and spend the weekend doing some sort of outreach. It was up to us what we would do. We were only told the location. So, we did what any good missionary would do. We prayed. Each one of us felt as we were praying that we needed to focus on the streets. Galway is a wonderful city with a high population of so many different cultures. We knew that if we stayed on the streets we would be able to focus on the people. And the people are what mattered. Read More

How Some Cleveland Browns Jerseys Tuned Me into His Voice

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I love Jesus and have seen Him do many amazing things in my life. I have heard Him speak through His Word and in my quiet times with Him. What I was really desiring was to hear His voice more on behalf of others as I go about my day doing life. Call it prophesying, encouraging, building up, whatever- I believe the Lord wants to use His children to build one another up and to share in the love of the Father. Read More

God is Filling the Public Schools

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In Angono, Philippines just outside of Manila we are seeing incredible favor with the authorities and the schools. God has opened the door to preach the gospel in all of the public schools here. We have preached Jesus to over 10,000 students.

One particular story I would like to share happened the first week of December in a high school. I was preaching to the 7th graders in an outdoor, covered basketball court. Just before I arrived there it had begun to rain since it seems to always be raining in the Philippines. However, thank God it stopped raining when I arrived. Because of the rain they wanted to have the meeting in the hallway and classrooms nearby. I did not feel good about this idea and I asked them if we could move the meeting to the covered court. Thank God they agreed to this. Read More

Evangelism And The Ancient Art Of Persuasion

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Quite often when I seek to engage non-disciples of Jesus in a conversation, they don’t argue against what I’m saying. Mainly, they don’t believe in Him because they’ve never given much thought to becoming a Christian or they haven’t come across convincing evidence that they should. Other times, however, I meet people who are convinced that Jesus isn’t who the Bible makes Him out to be. Because of the fact that there is no reason to reject Scripture’s portrayal of Christ, I seek to present to such people rational arguments in support of the Gospel. Read More

“Exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think…”

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Wow! It’s hard to believe we have been in our mission field for nearly a year already! So much has happened in these 12 short months as we have gotten a front row seat to what God has been doing in the beautiful city of Guadalajara, Mexico. He has definitely amazed us and continues to go beyond our dreams, expectations and prayers! …And prayer as a family, as a church, and from our prayer partners, has definitely played a key role in the miracle we have experienced.

Read More

They Are Showing Up on Our Doorstep!

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Almost 7 years ago, I saw in a dream a multitude of young Arabs dressed in white and surrounding a huge mountain. I knew in my dream that the mountain I was looking at represented Islam. And I knew that this mountain was – somehow – “hindering” the return of Jesus. I could also hear their one-word song filling the space as they cried out and sang, “Yasou’a! Yasou’a!” – “Jesus! Jesus!” in Arabic. The louder their voices became in worship, the more the mountain began to crumble and fall until it was no more. Read More


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Recently I had one of the most difficult conversations I can recall ever having. A very dear person to my wife and I, disclosed some personal things about her childhood that she had never revealed to anyone. This precious woman wept as she began to recount the horrors of unspeakable abuse perpetrated upon her for several years. When the abuse first occurred, she was around 9 or 10 years old. The older man who had repeatedly abused her, threatened her to keep the abuse secret. She felt trapped, ashamed, and terrified constantly. In vivid fashion our friend described how her heart cried out for help wondering if God could see and hear her. Having known this person closely for years, and learning about her painful past was incredibly heartbreaking. I was thankful that God was bringing it out to help her get deeper healing and freedom, but I cried realizing that such evil injustice was done to a young and helpless child. This hit very close to home for me, and made me wonder, how many other people has this happened to, and how many other children is this a current reality for?! Read More

Sharing The Gospel With False Converts

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EDITOR’S NOTE: The views expressed in this article are the author’s and are not necessarily endorsed by Modern Day Missions.

To make a long, complicated story very short, about 18 months ago I got drawn into a conversation with a complete stranger. He was confiding to me the mistreatment he was experiencing at his job and how angry he was at the perpetrators. He said that they were messing with the wrong person because he had a history of assaulting people who had become his enemies. He also said that he had left his wife in New York because of her lack of respect for him and was now living with another woman here in Hawaii. Read More