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Retire the Selfish Prayer

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Brilliant thoughts happen in the shower and I had one earlier today. As I was enjoying my steaming retreat I heard someone else in the shower room next to mine. No! I thought, God, give me all the hot water, please! I had been determined to have a hot shower today. I woke up early to make sure no one else would be showering, but my plan failed. Then in my little puddle of self-pity, this thought crept into my mind: how very selfish to ask for hot water only for yourself. Read More

A Can of Worms and an Answer to Prayer

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On a beautiful Saturday morning I heard my wife scream my name from the other room. Judging by the panic in her voice I knew that something was wrong. I dashed into the kitchen to see our trashcan overflowing with worms! Not your typical Saturday for sure, but believe it or not that trashcan was an answer to prayer. Funny enough, I had been reading in Exodus the passage about “mana,” if you tried to collect extra mana worms would appear and eat it.

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Went to Church for the First Time in 10 Years!

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As we took to the streets here in the Philippines we came across a woman named Sister Jo. She was selling coconut juice near the church I was working with. It was our weekly house to house evangelism on a Saturday night around Christmas.

We invited her to church, asked her if she knew Jesus, and if we could pray for her for anything. She began to share her story in tagalog, the local language, and started to cry. She was sharing how she had grown up pentecostal, but had not been to church in 10 years. Read More

A Childs Backpack

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“There’s your backpack,” the Lord said to me as I walked past a pile of garbage sitting at the end of the sidewalk that connected to my apartment building. I was walking to the Shores base to meet our team to leave for street church in the city square. My mind was thinking about the two other things I couldn’t forget to grab which was the clothes donation and the food basket that I had arranged to bring a single mother of two children who would be waiting for me at the square. As I was walking, I passed the typical spot where a trash pile would be gathered. It’s the spot that almost daily I see persons of economic poverty sifting through looking for treasures. Sometimes it’s that pile of trash that animals have ravaged looking for food. Suddenly, as I passed by this day’s trash pile, I saw (somewhat nicely separated) a little girl’s pink school backpack. That’s when the Lord spoke, “There’s your backpack…” Read More

1 In 20,000… A Salvation Story

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The week before last, a guy on my team met a girl who he shared the gospel with. She was very interested in what he had to say but had to go to class. He told her that our team comes once a week and he’d love for her to get connected with his friend, Angel. (That’s me! 💁🏽) So she gave him her number to relay to me! BUT, long story short, my phone broke the day before and my iPad was stolen from a locked car, that day, probably as they were speaking. But don’t be sad for me because this story isn’t about me. So for the rest of that week and the next I had zero means of communication, which was great, but that meant I couldn’t get in touch with Sam’s new friend that was curious about Jesus! Read More

The Black Hole?

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Upon arriving to Split in January of 2018 my wife Fernanda and I began to see the incredible need that existed here in Croatia. The Apostle Paul travelled through this land bringing the Good News of Jesus some 2,000 years ago as recorded in Romans 15 when he says “he had fully preached the Gospel from Jerusalem to Illyricum”. Today, Illyricum is known as modern day Croatia. However, after hundreds of years of war, invasions and nearly 50 years of communist rule, Croatia’s spiritual climate crumbled. We remember a specific comment made to us early on by a local believer when he was trying to figure out why we came to his city to share Jesus. Read More

Who’s Holding the Strings?

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There I was again, back in Dallas, Texas after spending the previous 11-months on a missions assignment in Paris, France. Don’t get me wrong, I love Texas and the United States, but my heart was burning to be back in France where I knew God had called me to be. Honestly I was frustrated and a little depressed about starting the whole, find lodging, job-hunting, visa application and fundraising process all over again. This process was becoming all too familiar. After all, this was going to be my fourth time in 4 years! Read More

The God Meeting

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November 5th, 2015.
The alarm buzzes, and coffee is calling. Today is the day. It’s our family’s first day to go to the villages of our unreached people group since our move to East Asia a few months ago. We had been up into their mountains two years earlier, during a short-term vision trip, and know that finding this people group was nothing short of miraculous. Read More

The Top 5 Lies Christians Believe About Evangelism

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According to a study released this year by Barna Group – an organization that studies religious trends in the U.S. – a growing percentage of Christians believe that evangelism is optional. If my conversations on the topic with fellow believers are any indication, the reason an increasing number of them believe they can forego sharing the Gospel is because they don’t believe they are (or can be) equipped to do it effectively. This is a lie – one that is founded upon other lies, some of which I have written about in the past. For those who have not read my previous articles on this topic, here are the top five lies that I have observed to be the biggest hindrances to Christians living evangelistic lifestyles. Read More

A Girl and Her Bags

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We had just finished a packed two days, meeting a Board member for Lifeway Haven (Recovery home we work for). After two days of meeting his family and sharing testimonies of how we came into our relationship with God, it was time to return to Lifeway. Our directors drove us there and we returned tired and ready to unpack and settle back into our routine. About five miles from where our car was left, we all noted a young woman sitting on the side of the road. Her head was buried in her hands and she was surrounded by about six bags of luggage. It was HOT and it appeared she was stranded. Read More