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Fostering & the Challenges of the “System”

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This past month I met with a foster dad to talk about some of the difficulties his family is facing with their foster children. This particular family is open to the idea of adoption, and their commitment to these children has been inspiring: they’ve remained consistent in contact with the birth family, reached out for various counseling and therapy appointments, scheduled doctor’s visits to supplement the extra needs that their children have – all things that don’t really come to mind when talking about being a ‘foster parent’ causally. Fostering a child is more than just having a child in your home because, at least for a time, there are extra appointments and needs that have to be addressed. Read More

The Battle for Our Universities

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“This is the biggest prayer and worship meeting at Columbia University!” boasted the young Muslim student.

“We have priority to pray in this room every Friday at noon,” he continued. We knew it wasn’t a “coincidence” that the room we booked for our prayer meeting at Columbia University was double-booked with Jumu’ah (the global Muslim prayer meeting which happens every Friday at noon). Our team watched as a stream of 200 Muslim students and professors filed through the door, rolling out their mats for prayer. Read More

Prayer Transcends Party Lines and Transforms Government

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One year ago, God began to turn our world on its head as He started to speak about His heart for our government in Washington, D.C. After five years of serving as missionaries in California, God uprooted us and sent us to our nation’s capitol with the burden to pray for our government. While we had been praying generally for America and revival for years, it was clear that God was getting our attention in an extremely specific way to begin to intercede for the leaders of our nation. Read More

Strategic Access

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“You are different. Never have I met a person with kindness inside of them.” Sammy didn’t speak great English but I knew he was seeing Jesus in me. I was there as a businessperson and I expected the life, love and light of Jesus within me to be a witness. However, there was a threat if certain ones knew I was a Believer. “Tell me about what you believe?” He was genuine, openly interested. My hesitancy unintentionally provoked even greater curiosity with Sammy. I knew it had to be him asking the questions. Read More

The Girl Who Used to Have Cerebral Palsy

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Huge News About Ruby…

Almost exactly 3 years ago Sarah and I were sitting down with our social worker with a burden on our heart about the heroin problem in the Cincinnati area. We told our social worker about our desire to open our home once again in hopes to do what we could do for heroin-exposed children. While requests in foster care are not at all how the system works, our social worker heard us. A short time later, little Ruby Geneva came to us, 3 months old and 10 lbs, skin peeling but her feisty little smile beaming. (Ruby is the one in moms lap stealing the show in the above picture) Read More

Dreaming by Faith

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In your life when you are hit by a smell and it reminds you of childhood – the smell that brings back memories of a special time in your life. I love it when smells do that! 10 years ago I stepped foot in a country I only dreamt of seeing when I was young – Kenya! Kenya has a smell that if you blindfolded me and put me there, I would know I was there just by the unique smell of that country. The smell of a dusty road, fresh food, burning plastic, roasted maize all rolled into one, the smell of ‘home’. Ten years ago I gave up life and a career to dedicate it to serving the poor in Kenya. God took me to a country I had dreamt about since I was 8 years old and placed me with one of the poorest people on the planet. I was shocked when I reached there and found so many people joyful in their state of nothingness. Today we run an orphanage with over 240 children that live with us, these kids have no mum or dad but yet joy fills their heart in every way. Read More

Fathers Gifts to Sons

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I remember a few years ago, I think three or four, when I was listening to preachers speak of the power of God. Thinking to myself that I could not possibly do what they have done. Live how they lived. Or believe how they believed. But I couldn’t leave myself there. In that place of disbelief. More so it was about seeing people suffer and not being able to do anything about it. That’s probably how I found myself at this school that specialized in teaching about the supernatural power of God. That heart wrenching pain is how all of this started. All of the wonderful life changing encounters from then that I’ve seen know have stemmed out from a heart to see people healed and encounter love. However, I was missing something extremely vital to begin walking in signs, wonders, and loving well. This was something I couldn’t forge myself or create, it was something that had to be handed to me from someone else’s life. Read More

God Did Make a Way!

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In the last few months, some team members and I started a friendship with a young mother who had been on the avenue prostituting because she was without a job, without help, and without hope. In October, she decided to accept our offer for coffee and conversation. In November, some team members and I visited her in her home. It was this day she boldly declared to us that she had decided not to return to the avenue or to ‘that life’, even if she had no way of feeding her two boys or paying her rent. She was two months behind on rent and the owner of the house was outside waiting for us to leave so he could enter and collect his due. This girl believed God would make a way somehow… Read More

Facets of this Hidden Jewel

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This island of refuge to many, Cyprus is a hidden jewel in the Mediterranean. This nation that has been conquered and changed hands so many times still has its problems today, though the Lord’s plans for her are higher. In working in the Middle East on what our network refers to as the Isaiah 19 highway reconciliation is a key portion of what we help to facilitate. This is what my story touches on. Read More