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Bold Prayers: Healed From A Tumor

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Have you ever been in a situation where you know you should do something, but you’re afraid of what someone might think of you if you did? Maybe they’d think of you differently, be offended or even write you off as someone they want nothing to do with.

I’ve heard it said before, that what you fear the most has already happened to you. And rejection is usually at the top of the list. It’s the first voice of reason from keeping us from doing the most loving act believers can do for others.


And to be even more specific, I’m implying something deeper than the typical “Hey I’m praying for you”. I’m talking about praying for someone who is clearly hurting from emotional or physical pain. In doing this, we remind people that they are not alone and we get to help usher God into the midst of their storm.

I previously worked with a gentleman who was a freemason. He was a very quiet man with tattoos all over his body and neck. Most of our conversations were about cars, but he would periodically keep me updated on some of his heart related issues as well as a cancerous tumor that was found on his neck.

One day, I had overheard that his wife was trying out a local church and she loved it! The next week I came to find out that he was wrestling with this strong desire to renounce his oath as a freemason.

And he did!

But after renouncing his oath, he came face to face with many questions.

Where did this conviction come from? Why was it so overwhelming?

I couldn’t believe it and I felt like God was nudging me to talk to him. The next day I found him during his break and asked him about it. We talked for a bit and it was still a surface level conversation until I felt convicted to pray for him.

So, I just point blank asked the question that popped into my head, “I know you’ve been talking about church and Jesus lately, but have you fully given your life to Him?”. He paused and began to look straight at the floor and when he looked up, tears began to pour from his eyes.

He told me that he wants Jesus, but is too afraid. I asked what he was afraid of and he replied,

“If I give my life fully to Jesus, the Devil is going to kill me! I know it! When I became a freemason, I took an oath where I held a knife to my heart and a knife to my throat and said If I share any secrets it would be the death penalty. I shared them with my wife and that’s when the tumor on my neck formed and started eating away the bones to where I have metal rods to replace my neck bones. And it keeps coming back!”

The Devil was literally decapitating him with this tumor! A fire stirred up inside of me and I wasn’t going to allow the devil to interfere with his life anymore. The devil’s time was done. I told him,

“The devil lies and wants you to believe those lies to keep you from the One person Who can save you. Jesus. He’ll take care of all of this! The creation cannot be more powerful than the creator. God has given us the authority as sons and daughters to tear down the works of the devil. “I’m going to pray with you and then I’m coming after that tumor in prayer and we are going to see it go away and not return!”

We then prayed and he accepted Christ as his Savior! With tears flowing, I knew it was time to pray for his tumor. In full faith, I prayed and commanded the tumor to leave and for him to receive mobility back into his neck despite the rods he had in it. We prayed twice, he checked his neck a couple times and it suddenly popped! He could previously only turn his neck 10 degrees, but now he could move it 45 degrees in every direction!

I’ll never forget the look on his face! He couldn’t believe it!

About a month later he went to the doctor to follow up on the growth of his tumor…

The tumor was GONE!

Jesus did it! My co-worker was healed! The plans of the enemy were over! But the most amazing miracle? He surrendered his life to Jesus!

That’s what we get to do as believers! We get to introduce them to a loving God that can heal their physical pain, emotional turmoil and bring breakthrough and peace into their soul. All because He loves them!

As we begin 2020, I challenge you to ask yourself, what if I weren’t afraid anymore? What if I chose to believe in who God says I am and stopped listening to the voice of fear?

Scripture tells us that miraculous signs follow those who believe. One of those signs is placing hands on the sick and they will be healed. You may think, what if someone doesn’t get healed? My response to that is, “but what if someone does?” We must be rooted in TRUTH and not in our experiences when it doesn’t happen. We keep praying for the next one and the next one after that. If we can take the pressure off of ourselves and build our faith with the expectation that God is going to move, we would be unstoppable in our pursuit to pray for everyone.

Let’s begin this decade unafraid. Go share the good news with your neighbor, with a stranger or coworker and don’t forget to pray. Believe in who you are in Jesus and carry that authority with you wherever you go! And when you do that, I propose that you will begin to see miracle after miracle after miracle.


By: Taylor Shaw


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The Power of Prayer

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Prayer is something that used to be scary for me. It was something I thought was supposed to be done silently and behind closed doors, except for the leaders of the church or before a meal, of course. I definitely didn’t have a good relationship with prayer, and therefore did not have much of a relationship with God. I prayed when I wanted or needed something, or if I was scared or going through a difficult time, but I was far from someone who “prayed without ceasing.” Don’t get me wrong, I believe God still hears our silent prayers and that they are still just as effective. But there is so much power in voicing our prayers. Saying them out loud does two things:

The Enemy Hears Our Prayers – When we pray silently, only God can hear that prayer. That is more than enough knowing that He hears and listens to me, but when I pray out loud, I know the enemy is also listening. I’m showing that I don’t have fear because my God is greater! The enemy’s strategy is to cripple us in fear, and when I am too scared to pray out loud, I am letting the enemy win. Even if there is something I don’t want the enemy to know, I still pray out loud because I have more faith that God will help me through whatever the situation is. Satan will not have that power over me! 

Other People Hear Our Prayers – When someone tells me, “I will be praying for you,” and then they don’t pray right then and there, I still believe them. I of all people know how scary it is to pray for someone on the spot. But when they stop what they are doing and actually pray, that is so comforting. Hearing other’s prayers really lift me up and make me feel closer to the Father. I will even step out on a limb and say that when other people can hear us pray, it encourages them as well as gives them an idea of what they can be praying for. 

I recently went through a Discipleship Training School with YWAM, and a huge part of that ministry is hearing God’s voice. The first time we did intercessory prayer, I was scared out of my mind. It wasn’t something I had ever done before or had even heard of prior to joining this school. But, something amazing happened: I heard God’s voice. Not a literal booming voice, like I imagined it might sound like, but it was a whisper in my spirit. It was a picture or vision to be more precise. And the picture that I received from God aligned with scripture and other pictures and words that other people received. I was definitely skeptical beforehand, but it didn’t take long for me to realize that God speaks to us in so many different ways, and that praying out loud is so powerful! I still have a long way to go, and a lot more to learn, but I have to say that my life has improved by praying out loud. 

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By: Taylor Smith


Great Expectation for 2020

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“Have faith in the Lord your God and you will be upheld; have faith in his prophets and you will be successful.” 2 Chron. 20:20 

Several spiritual leaders in the Body of Christ have prophesied that 2020 will mark the beginning of a great harvest of souls, the ending of abortion, and laborers being sent into the nations of the earth.

Bob Jones, a well known prophet who went to be with The Lord on February 14, 2014, had a powerful experience in 1975 where the enemy killed him because he was prophesying against abortion. When he stood at the gates to heaven, he saw that 98% of the people standing at the gates were sent to hell. This grieved him and he said, “Lord, I will go back for just one soul!” The Lord replied, “I am sending you back not just for one soul, but to pour into a few key leaders who will usher in the 2020 Billion Soul Harvest.” This will be worldwide and the Lord specifically told Bob that it would be 1 Billion Youth.


It is significant that Bob Jones was prophesying about abortion when the enemy killed him and the Lord spoke to him about this “Great Wave” that would bring in 1 Billion souls. Revival and the ending of abortion are connected. For over 15 years The Call, Bound4life and believers all across the nation have prayed this prayer:

Jesus I plead your blood over my sins and the sins of my nation. God end abortion and send Revival to America.

God is about to tip the bowls of prayer and send Revival to America and to the nations of the earth. He has heard the cries of the saints and the unborn. If we had not killed 60 million babies in America (250 million worldwide) over the past 40 years, could we have seen the return of Jesus by now? We are killing our future missionaries. Satan has tried to delay the return of Jesus but God is a vindicator and a judge. He is stepping in and speaking LIFE over nations. He is calling His Church to be the answer to her own prayers by walking out the message of adoption. As abortion ends, who will take in all of the babies? It is the Church’s role and commission from the Lord as it says in James 1:27, “….”

Another prayer we have seen erupt in the Church over the past 6 years is the prayer of Matthew 9:38, “Lord of the harvest, send forth laborers.” Once again, God is calling us to be the answers to our own prayers. He is inviting us to go to unreached nations. And as we partner with Him to bring in the 1 billion youth and adopt the unborn children, He is going to raise a large percentage of these ones to be missionaries to the ends of the earth and to usher His return.

As we look towards 2020 with great anticipation that we can partner with the Lord in prayer and prepare our hearts for what God desires to do! A few practical ways we can do this are:

  • Removing idols in our hearts and in our land
  • Praying for our government to align with His government
  • Praying for laborers to be sent to the nations
  • Praying for families to adopt 

Would you consider taking a few minutes each day to pray for these things as we prepare for 2020?

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By: Danielle Helmer


Why I Moved to a Dangerous Country

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When I was little, missionaries would come to our churches and share stories of their lives in other countries. As I got older, we had pen pals whose family were missionaries in a foreign country. I would tell people, “I am going to be an evangelist when I grow up!” Did I even know what that was?! As I grew up hearing the stories of people taking the Gospel to foreign lands, a part of me knew that was for me. I imagined myself eating rice 3 times a day, wearing long skirts and walking on long dirt roads, and the first movie I ever cried in was watching a movie about a girl who gave up her life as a martyr for Jesus… Some of my favorite books were biographies of missionaries from long ago. I dreamed of taking care of kids who had no home and no parents. I loved South East Asia and had a written plan of what I wanted to do there. 

I was nearing graduation time from a small missions college, wondering what was next for me, seeking the  Lord day and night, asking Him what I was supposed to next, when I felt He say to me “Stop asking just for me hand to be revealed (what He could do for me) and seek my heart, my face (who He is, His heart and His character).” In this time, He began to draw my heart into a much deeper faith. I became interested in getting to know this One as a Friend, not simply as a Master who would tell me what to do. 

A few years later I learned about the Moravians who were so convinced of the worthiness and beauty and glory of Jesus that they sold themselves into slavery and as they sailed away, they were heard saying, “May the Lamb who was slain,  receive the reward of His suffering!” And that phrase has echoed within my own heart. Am I living fully for the Lamb of God to be glorified? Is there any area of my heart that has glorified its own desires over the will of God? 

One day I was taking a missions course and the teacher was sharing about the statistics and facts concerning where we are at in the goal of reaching the world- every tribe, tongue, nation and people group with the Gospel and the Word of God. He was saying, “If the goal of missions is that the King, our Bridegroom Jesus, would return here and all things be made New, (because Jesus said that this Gospel would be preached to the ends of the earth AND THEN THE END WILL COME), then we know that the End will not come, Jesus will not come, until the Gospel has been preached to every people group! We know the groups that haven’t  heard yet! We have reached the point where we actually KNOW where we need to bring the Gospel, and what languages still need the Scriptures translated!” We actually have determined where and who these people are, so the End is actually in sight! What an exciting thought! Jesus could be coming home soon!- but not yet- those groups that haven’t been reached yet, mostly in what we call the “10/40 window” of the earth- they aren’t easy. They aren’t “open” and easy to reach, knowing that there may yet be much blood of the martyrs spilled in the process of taking the name of Jesus to those areas where He is not yet loved, adored, worshipped. There is still a need for those with a pioneering spirit to take the leap and say “I’ll go”. It may not be safe, but if I am in the will of God, that is the safest place to be!  

I remember at this time the Lord began to turn my world and my ideas upside down, concerning what I thought I was called to. He began highlighting the nations of the Middle East to me, and, to my shame, all I felt was fear. I was completely ignorant about the nations in that region, the cultures and history, etc. All I knew was what I heard on the news or saw in movies. Nothing ever beautiful or positive. Just war and terror. And I was asking the Lord, “please don’t ask me to go there!” My heart was torn because I loved Jesus and wanted to be willing to go anywhere or do anything for Him. I was hurting inside, because I wanted so badly to love and to please God with every breath and decision of my life, but here was one thing that I was hardened about. And the fact that there was an area of my heart that was stubborn and not willing to obey the Lord in- it hurt me and I was a mess. But you know what happened in that time? The Lord showed me such grace and mercy and one day in prayer He told me, “Sarah, I am not asking you to take 10 steps right now and to go jump on a plane and go to ____- I am asking you to take ONE STEP right now.” And I realized that I needed to extend patience and mercy to myself in this story and to simply begin walking on this journey with the Lord, asking for His help in every area, and that if there was an area of stubbornness in me, I needed to repent and ask Him to lead me to the point where I was open hearted and willing to follow and do anything or go anywhere that He would lead me. I simply needed to ASK HIM to change my heart. And He did. Over the next 3 years, I began meeting people from various Middle Eastern nations, learn about the vast number of cultures, languages, religions, and issues going on, and even beginning to learn a language! I began attending prayer meetings for the Middle East, getting connected with others who loved the region, and I found my own heart changing and growing in love for those I hadn’t yet met. He loves the nations of the earth. He made each one, and His heart yearns for them to come into His family, and come fully into their destiny in Him that He created them for. 

When I gave my life to the Lord, He became the LORD of my life. My life is in His hands, and I exist for His fame and glory. And as I have grown in knowing who He is, how good He is(!), how can I help but go where His name is not yet loved, where His heart is not known or understood? I have to go love Him there, and see what He will do in those places. May the Lamb receive what He has already given everything for. 

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By: Sarah