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Fathers Gifts to Sons

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I remember a few years ago, I think three or four, when I was listening to preachers speak of the power of God. Thinking to myself that I could not possibly do what they have done. Live how they lived. Or believe how they believed. But I couldn’t leave myself there. In that place of disbelief. More so it was about seeing people suffer and not being able to do anything about it. That’s probably how I found myself at this school that specialized in teaching about the supernatural power of God. That heart wrenching pain is how all of this started. All of the wonderful life changing encounters from then that I’ve seen know have stemmed out from a heart to see people healed and encounter love. However, I was missing something extremely vital to begin walking in signs, wonders, and loving well. This was something I couldn’t forge myself or create, it was something that had to be handed to me from someone else’s life. Read More

Lame man Lessons

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Recently I had the opportunity to teach two bible classes at a local Christian school. There is quite the age and maturity difference between sixth graders and tenth graders, but the bible has a wonderful way of relating to both. Acts chapter three was the bible passage being discussed with special attention being paid to the scene around the healing of the lame man. Read More

Run Your Race; Win Your Race

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It’s so easy to slide into the routine of wishing we could be more like someone else. We get tired of the same ol’ us and we wish we were more like this person or that person. It can happen to the best of us. I’m not faulting you. The problems is that we are unique. Every little thing about us is unique! Your darn right we are! Our DNA, looks, personality, fingers and toes and the list goes on. There is no other YOU on this planet. And this planet needs you. Desperately! Read More

20 Cedar Lane

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In a lifetime there are a handful of moments that are truly life changing. Some of these moments are more obvious. As a youth those moments can be your first discoveries of your skills, desires, your first crush, an influential teacher, a best friend and those interactions with your parents that truly do shape you for better or worse. When you leave the nest and spread your wings the decisions become more involved and carry much more weight. What will I do with my life? Where will I go to college? What do I want to study? How will I pay for it all? Should I start a business? Oh, I need to get a job, right? Read More

Change the Channel – The God Narrative

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The world is such a dark and complex place. There are millions of evil actions that take place every day in the world.  Tune into any TV news channel or website and you will find that out quickly. All over the world it seems that the devil is having a field day. He can’t possibly be winning this much, right? It hurts your head and your heart to think that humans could traffic, well… humans! Impossible! Read More

Missions & Poverty

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It seems like the words “missions” and “poverty” have always been synonymous with one another. At least culturally, people seem to conclude that most missionaries are poor financially and their main outreach or ministry should be to the poor of the nation they are serving. While it is true that most missionaries are dependent on donors for their financial support, it does not make them inherently poor. It is also true that many missionaries focus their ministry efforts on the socioeconomically poor and poor in spirit, but this does not paint a complete picture. To see the realities of the missionary and those they serve, we have to dig a little deeper. If we don’t, the word poverty will serve as a general, sweeping term that may not fairly or accurately depict the missionary or their work. Read More

Modern Day Spotlight – Human Trafficking

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Hidden In Plain Sight

Today’s modern-day crisis of slavery is an injustice that effects every community on the earth today.  Hidden in the shadows, a thriving slave trade is emerging that rivals anything we have seen to date. There are more slaves today than at any point in human history! This burgeoning trade of humans boasts 20.5 million victims worldwide according to the International Labor Organization; 4.5 million of those victims are trafficked for sex. Staggeringly, 98% of sex trafficking victims worldwide are women and children!  Although Hollywood’s portrayal shows young girls being kidnapped off the streets never to be seen again, this tactic is much less common than the more subtle coercive recruitment into the sex trade that many vulnerable young people fall prey to. Read More

Missions & Winning!

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One of the greatest challenges of any missionary is overcoming a results based mentality. I have to raise a certain amount of money, I have to lead this many people to Jesus, I have to write this many newsletters, I have to post this many times on social media. The list can go on and on. Not to long ago I heard a famous pastor pose these questions, “So what does a WIN look like for your church and/or what does WINNING look like for your ministry on a weekly or daily basis?” While I believe those are great questions, I also feel like it has the potential to lead us down an unrealistic path. Let me expound… Read More

Missions & World Urbanization

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I’m one of those that prefer being out in the rugged bush land trouncing in, over, around and through Gods wonderful creation. Most of my missions upbringing was spent in the rural settings of Mexico, Haiti, Ghana, Laos, Cambodia and of course, China. Good friends of mine and missionaries with 30 years of experience in China have even pegged western China as the “Last Frontier”. If you have spent anytime around missions, you have heard the grave stories of eating bugs on sticks, grilled dog or cat and things pulled from the ocean that you can’t readily identify. Yep, it’s one of the great things about missions and one of the things that has endeared itself to me. No, not the nasty food, but rather the rough, rugged, tough settings where missions can take you. It’s where advancing God’s kingdom and adventure meet together and produce unforgettable experiences and memories. It’s a wonderful thing, but there is this one little problem… The world is becoming one HUGE city! Read More