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Trusting God with your Sleep

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Growing up, I really never gave a second thought to sleep. It seemed automatic, a natural part of life that happens. You wake up, expend energy throughout the day, eventually getting tired and then you lay your head down and go to sleep. Simple. It was always simple until I went on my first International mission trip as a 20 year old college student.

I went to England with around 50 other college age people. We were going to serve for a week at a conference. I was pumped. Sleep was the last thing on my mind. Even further away from my mind was two words that all International travelers battle, JET LAG!! You mean the stuff that comes out behind the engines on planes (the white stuff lagging behind)?? Boy, was I totally unaware of what crossing six time zones can do to your body. It blindsided me and propelled me into a battle with sleep that has carried on for the past 18 years. Read More

Freedom & Fullness in Mexico!

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In Mexico we found many believers were hurting and struggling with fear, discouragement, unforgiveness, and many other areas that produced disunity in marriages, families, and the church. Many church pastors and leaders were weary and felt ill equipped to help those needing inner healing and deliverance outside of biblical counsel and prayer. Read More

All Inclusive Gospel

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I just returned from a mission trip to Romania where I was helping prep and establish a new base plant alongside many other amazing missionaries. Some of these amazing friends had already been on the ground for almost a year, others were experiencing their first overseas adventure. All, ready for the feast Jesus had set before us. For me it was a sweet homecoming, returning after a few years to Romania and encountering the sights, the smells, and the atmosphere this intriguing land has to offer. There is something so satisfying in that perfect place Jesus has for you, at the moment of time He has destined you to be there. Read More

How to Become a Missionary

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How do I become a missionary is a question I have heard many times over my career in missions. It’s an honest question and it’s a good question. While there is no simple, concrete answer; I do think there is a process the Lord has in mind. A process that when “fleshed”out will look different to everyone all the while having several of the same, key components.  Read More

Lame man Lessons

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Recently I had the opportunity to teach two bible classes at a local Christian school. There is quite the age and maturity difference between sixth graders and tenth graders, but the bible has a wonderful way of relating to both. Acts chapter three was the bible passage being discussed with special attention being paid to the scene around the healing of the lame man. Read More

Run Your Race; Win Your Race

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It’s so easy to slide into the routine of wishing we could be more like someone else. We get tired of the same ol’ us and we wish we were more like this person or that person. It can happen to the best of us. I’m not faulting you. The problems is that we are unique. Every little thing about us is unique! Your darn right we are! Our DNA, looks, personality, fingers and toes and the list goes on. There is no other YOU on this planet. And this planet needs you. Desperately! Read More

20 Cedar Lane

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In a lifetime there are a handful of moments that are truly life changing. Some of these moments are more obvious. As a youth those moments can be your first discoveries of your skills, desires, your first crush, an influential teacher, a best friend and those interactions with your parents that truly do shape you for better or worse. When you leave the nest and spread your wings the decisions become more involved and carry much more weight. What will I do with my life? Where will I go to college? What do I want to study? How will I pay for it all? Should I start a business? Oh, I need to get a job, right? Read More

Change the Channel – The God Narrative

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The world is such a dark and complex place. There are millions of evil actions that take place every day in the world.  Tune into any TV news channel or website and you will find that out quickly. All over the world it seems that the devil is having a field day. He can’t possibly be winning this much, right? It hurts your head and your heart to think that humans could traffic, well… humans! Impossible! Read More

Missions & Poverty

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It seems like the words “missions” and “poverty” have always been synonymous with one another. At least culturally, people seem to conclude that most missionaries are poor financially and their main outreach or ministry should be to the poor of the nation they are serving. While it is true that most missionaries are dependent on donors for their financial support, it does not make them inherently poor. It is also true that many missionaries focus their ministry efforts on the socioeconomically poor and poor in spirit, but this does not paint a complete picture. To see the realities of the missionary and those they serve, we have to dig a little deeper. If we don’t, the word poverty will serve as a general, sweeping term that may not fairly or accurately depict the missionary or their work. Read More