In 2016, we felt the Lord gave us a word to return to Quintana Roo, Mexico (City of Cancun) to host a Freedom and Fullness Seminar to encourage Church pastors and leaders. Our last seminar held there was in November 2015 in a church with over 120 people attended.

During our March 2017 trip to Quintana Roo, we meet with different pastors and leaders from different Christian churches. As we shared our testimonies with them, God move on the hearts of the leaders and gave us tremendous favor with them.

This trip we stepped out in faith and God blessed us coming in and going out.

God is Faithful

Weeks before Flori and I traveled to Mexico, I had a vision of a man wearing glasses and a gray shirt seated in a church service. I prayed and asked God for a word for this man but heard nothing. On March 26th, I was invited to preach at two different Churches in Cancun. I remember I looked out at congregation from the pulpit of first church service and saw the man in my vision with sunglasses and a dark shirt.

I knew that God was going to do something amazing and I was going to get to be a part of it. At the end of the service, I called this man forward and as he walked to the front the Lord gave me a word for him. As soon as I shared what the Lord showed me, the man wept and raised his hands nodding yes to the words I spoke. Shortly after, the Lord gave more words for others.
I felt this testimony would encourage you. If you know God has put someone on your heart to speak to and you have been waiting on God for a word for them. Maybe God is waiting for you to take a step of faith. Take that step. If God did it for me, he can do it for you.

That Sunday, I shared my testimony and my struggle as a Christian with an orphan mindset and how the Lord lead me to see the truth of his forgiven and adoption as a son. Flori joined me as we ministered together. Many people identified with the message and came forward for prayer.

Upcoming Ministry.

May 6th – (Mexico) Freedom and Fullness Seminar Central, Mexico

May 20th – (Fort Worth, TX) Spanish Freedom and Fullness Seminar

June 13-17th – (Fort Worth, TX) Spanish Inner Healing and Deliverance Training (5-Day class)

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