Life in Brazil isn’t all a Carnival

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*This is the first in a two-part series on Brazil.

I didn’t plan on being in Brazil during the world famous “Carnival” season. As a typical American, I thought that Carnival was synonymous with Rio, but I soon learned that Carnival happens all over Brazil. Here I was in the 2nd biggest Carnival city, Recife. One day my host was taking me to a nearby restaurant, and there was a huge traffic jam full of people on their way to the celebrations in a not so near beach. Welcome to Brazil during Carnival! Read More

The Passion of a Converted Muslim

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By: Wayne and Arlene Wilson

In the goodness of God we have the privilege of working with pastors and Christian workers from a number of denominations in the West African nation of Ghana, specifically in the Northern Region. One of the Christian leaders we minister with is Rev. Immanuel Issa. Rev. Issa is a member of the Dagomba tribe, which is said to be 80-85% Muslim. Not surprisingly, Rev. Issa was born into a Muslim family and later became a follower of Jesus despite the persecution he faced. Read More

Edge of a War-zone!

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Sometimes the sheer grace and mercy of Him who loves us is far too much to take in. God is able to do exceedingly abundantly more than we can ask, think, and dream. There are moments in this life when the veil is torn, our eyes opened with the blinding light of truth, and our hearts know in a deeper way the joy given to returning prodigals. Read More

I Want This, Forever!!

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What do you want?…No, seriously. Stop and think about it.. God responds to the desires of humans. An image… a place among the successful…something that fills? We recently revisited a woman’s apartment at a place where the Shores of Grace team ministers weekly. Our friend’s story is rather long, but the background consists of abuse, prostitution, alcoholism, drugs and deep depression. In other visits, deliverance, with her permission, has taken place in her tiny living space. As she had been on a journey of trying to fill her life with anything and everything, she finally came to a breaking point. As we have walked with her for months now, we have seen the testimony of God’s power to transform her life after several continued encounters with the love of Father God through the Holy Spirit.. She made the choice months ago: “I want this”. As she has sought out a relationship with God, God has absolutely responded in faithfulness to her as He declares He will, “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart” (Jer. 29:13). Read More

Amidst Tragedy the Body of Christ Steps in

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Our church is always looking for places to serve and people to help. Last November we found out about two sisters that just lost their mother. Andria 25 and Diana 17. Their step dad killed their mom when they were all at home and the girls could have been killed too. By the grace of God they were left unharmed. The step dad went to prison and the girls were left alone at home. Read More

Medical Day Brings Healing

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Back in June of 2016 I had the opportunity to host a medical day at our church near General Santos City, Philippines. There were people showing up for over 4 hours and they had things from clogged ears, high blood pressure, gastric pain, pregnancy concerns, a broken wrist and the focus of our story, a diabetic ulcer. The diabetic ulcer wasn’t even someone who came to the actual clinic day. Read More

Safe Home Parents

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** The following is the first of a two-part installment of articles written by Safe Home parents. Safe homes are created to help bring love, support, healing and protection for young people who have been abused and trafficked.

Our 10 days between serving at the safe house is over and it’s time to go back in.  We will leave at 6:30am with hot coffee, the dog, lots of bags for our ladies, and 2 suit cases full of clothes.  The ride in is always quiet and peaceful for us.  We like to worship and listen to praise music to help prepare for our “landing”. Read More

Five Ways to Bless the Jewish People

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By: Bonnie Saul Wilks

I learned growing up to bless the Jewish people because they are God’s chosen ones. Although, I didn’t fully understand why or how, I wanted to “bless” them even as a young person.

I remember a Jewish boy in my sixth-grade class named Carey. I used to smile at him real big each day. I am sure he thought I was flirting with him! But I couldn’t think, as a sixth-grader, how else to bless him. It tickles me now. Read More

Navigating Transition

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There are seasons in everyone’s journey with Christ, where Jesus will seem to ask you the same question, every day, for a long period of time. It will be in the most kind and loving way, as a father would speak softly to his child, yet with a strength that cuts straight to the heart as only a father can. Persistent and compassionate all at once.

It began the first moment our plane descended to land at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. Our wheels squealed to a halt on the tarmac and but my pulse accelerated even as our speed decelerated. “We’re back. We’re actually back after two years. Now what happens, God?” Even as I thought the words, I felt God answer my question with His own, and it would echo in my heart from then on:

“Am I enough for you James? No matter how you feel or what happens around you; even if I strip everything away except Me, will I be enough for you? Will you trust Me?” Read More

Cherry’s Story- A Chinese girl’s story of faith

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More than anything, she wanted to learn about the faith of her mother.

Cherry was born in central China, and the earliest memories of her mother involved pain. Before she was born, Cherry’s mom contracted rheumatoid arthritis. The disease robbed her of her career, the ability to care for her family and eventually her capacity to care for herself. But Cherry’s mother loved Jesus. Read More