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Treated Shamefully For The Gospel

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As documented in previous posts, there have been times when I have been insulted, mocked, even cursed as a result of my efforts to lovingly share the Gospel with people. I have been treated, in a word, shamefully. Many Christians, fearing such unpleasant encounters, avoid sharing the Gospel with people unless they are already acquaintances. Jesus also hates when His followers are verbally or otherwise abused, but not as much as He hates when the unredeemed go days, weeks or months without hearing the salvation message. Read More

Taking ‘Good News’ To The Street

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Street evangelism (or “street preaching”) has not been a popular method for Christians to share the Gospel in the 21st Century. At the outset of the new millennium, few more than 1 in 10 Christians used this method of outreach, according to one study.1 If conversations I’ve had with fellow-believers are any indication, that number could only have diminished in recent years. Read More

Blessed Coming in and Blessed Going Out

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In 2016, we felt the Lord gave us a word to return to Quintana Roo, Mexico (City of Cancun) to host a Freedom and Fullness Seminar to encourage Church pastors and leaders. Our last seminar held there was in November 2015 in a church with over 120 people attended.

During our March 2017 trip to Quintana Roo, we meet with different pastors and leaders from different Christian churches. As we shared our testimonies with them, God move on the hearts of the leaders and gave us tremendous favor with them.

This trip we stepped out in faith and God blessed us coming in and going out. Read More

Proclaiming Truth When People Refuse To Hear It

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Sadly, there are many people who don’t believe the Gospel merely because they don’t want to believe it. Nothing an evangelist — no matter how skilled the advocate — says to such a person will prove to be convincing. The Scriptures demonstrate that point, as do a handful of my experiences.

Once I encountered a tourist here in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, who said, “I refuse to believe” the Judeo-Christian portrayal of God’s character and nature. He didn’t say “the Bible’s theology is unbelievable.” Rather, he refused to believe it and explained how distasteful he found Yahweh to be. I tried to gently point out that his objections weren’t intellectual (as he had initially claimed) but personal. Shortly after that, the man angrily walked away. Read More

Evangelism And The Identity Of Jesus

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Evangelism isn’t primarily about convincing people to embrace Christianity. It isn’t about inviting people to your church (although when I’m wrapping up a Gospel conversation I always invite people to attend church services with me). Evangelism also is not about trying to convince people that God exists. Evangelism boils down to this primary question: Who is Jesus? If people answer that question correctly, they will be easily guided to the proper conclusion about those other topics. Read More

“What God is doing on our campuses!”

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On the campuses and universities of America this day begins like every other day but ends in a life altering choice. What day is that? The National Collegiate Day of Prayer, which is the oldest organized prayer meeting in America, occurring on the last Thursday of every February since 1823.

Trickled throughout American history our colleges and universities have been continually blessed and transformed by significant seasons of spiritual awakening. Many of the early records of our most prestigious universities tell the tale of God’s desire to awaken, revive, and impact the next generation of world-changers. Read More

Jesus is Setting the Captives Free!

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Over the week of the Super Bowl, we had the privilege of attending the Justice Rally in Houston, Texas to help lead outreaches with Elijah Rising (from Houston) and Exodus Cry (from Kansas City) to cantinas, Asian spas, strip clubs, on the streets, and online as we reached out to men purchasing women and women who were being sold online with the love of Jesus. Read More

Sharing The Gospel With Ignorant Unbelievers

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EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is the last in a five-part series about the characteristics of unbelief. Not everyone who declines to worship Jesus does so out of ignorance, but some do. When the Apostle Peter first proclaimed the Gospel in Jerusalem after Jesus’ ascension, he conceded that many of those responsible for Christ’s death “acted in ignorance.” How could Jesus’ contemporaries have been some oblivious to His identity? Read More

International Kingdom Connectors Ministries

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Two years ago, Andy, Flori and her sister Adriana, brought to Mexico the ministry of inner healing and deliverance. Andy & Flori are a bi-cultural couple, she a Mexican with American citizenship and He an American, with Mexican/American roots.Everything started in Central Mexico, in Tlahuelilpan, in the state of Hidalgo, where it’s said Christianism arrived to the country. Read More

Sharing The Gospel With Doubters And Skeptics

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EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is the fourth in a five-part series about the characteristics of unbelief.

One of the most common kinds of non-Christian in the Western world are doubters/skeptics. This group of people generally hopes to square every facet of their belief system intellectually before forming firm convictions. We see a group of people trying to work through their skepticism in John’s Gospel when they said “Is not this Jesus, the son of Joseph, whose father and mother we know? How does he now say, ‘I have come down from heaven’?”1 Many of them are fearful of being misled by “religious people” and keep Christians at arm’s length. Read More