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Facets of this Hidden Jewel

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This island of refuge to many, Cyprus is a hidden jewel in the Mediterranean. This nation that has been conquered and changed hands so many times still has its problems today, though the Lord’s plans for her are higher. In working in the Middle East on what our network refers to as the Isaiah 19 highway reconciliation is a key portion of what we help to facilitate. This is what my story touches on. Read More

God is Filling the Public Schools

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In Angono, Philippines just outside of Manila we are seeing incredible favor with the authorities and the schools. God has opened the door to preach the gospel in all of the public schools here. We have preached Jesus to over 10,000 students.

One particular story I would like to share happened the first week of December in a high school. I was preaching to the 7th graders in an outdoor, covered basketball court. Just before I arrived there it had begun to rain since it seems to always be raining in the Philippines. However, thank God it stopped raining when I arrived. Because of the rain they wanted to have the meeting in the hallway and classrooms nearby. I did not feel good about this idea and I asked them if we could move the meeting to the covered court. Thank God they agreed to this. Read More

Evangelism And The Ancient Art Of Persuasion

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Quite often when I seek to engage non-disciples of Jesus in a conversation, they don’t argue against what I’m saying. Mainly, they don’t believe in Him because they’ve never given much thought to becoming a Christian or they haven’t come across convincing evidence that they should. Other times, however, I meet people who are convinced that Jesus isn’t who the Bible makes Him out to be. Because of the fact that there is no reason to reject Scripture’s portrayal of Christ, I seek to present to such people rational arguments in support of the Gospel. Read More

Sharing The Gospel With False Converts

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EDITOR’S NOTE: The views expressed in this article are the author’s and are not necessarily endorsed by Modern Day Missions.

To make a long, complicated story very short, about 18 months ago I got drawn into a conversation with a complete stranger. He was confiding to me the mistreatment he was experiencing at his job and how angry he was at the perpetrators. He said that they were messing with the wrong person because he had a history of assaulting people who had become his enemies. He also said that he had left his wife in New York because of her lack of respect for him and was now living with another woman here in Hawaii. Read More

Heart-Broken Evangelism

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Two years ago — as my ministry focus was shifting away from facilitating Christian discipleship and onto evangelism — I was overcome by an unexpected sensation. As I thought about the large population of people who did not have a relationship with Jesus (in my own neighborhood, let alone worldwide) I felt a deep sense of longing for their salvation. Shortly after these thoughts and emotions entered my consciousness, I began to weep.

I wish I could say that this episode was typical. I wish I could say that I have a deep sense of love for those who have not had a revelation of who God is and an obsession with pursuing their redemption. Unfortunately, my compassion for them doesn’t run that deep. I generally share the Gospel because of the cold-hard fact that there could never be a more valuable way to spend my time. Read More

The Myth Of The Perfect Evangelistic Approach

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When Christians are told about or witness the evangelistic activities of their fellows in the faith, I frequently hear them react by saying “If I was a non-believer, I wouldn’t like it if someone approached me the way you approached that person.” I have no doubt that this statement is true. However, I have often seen (and experienced) positive outcomes from the very outreach efforts that some Christians criticize. And when detractors of certain methods propose alternative tactics for sharing the Gospel, I could often point to instances in which the supposedly more sophisticated methods have not been effective (as well as times they’ve worked). Read More

Evangelism And God’s Love For Scoffers

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KAILUA-KONA, Hawaii — During one memorable evangelistic outing, I attempted to converse with the manager of a ukulele shop. The man (who identified himself as an ex-Baptist from Georgia) said that Christianity is merely mythological. He said my belief in a personal god is absurd and that I should look “within myself” for guidance, rather than religion. In summary, he scoffed at my faith in Jesus. Read More

Jesus Love Needs no Translator

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This last weekend we had our annual Amor do Pai (Father’s Love) conference here in Recife, Brazil and it was truly amazing to be a part of and to see the Father’s loving pursuit of His children. For those who don’t know, this is a conference that we here at Shores of Grace host annually for the region in great expectation of people truly encountering the loving embrace of The Father. We have seen God do many special things during these conferences and this year was no exception. There is just something so special and mind boggling for me when people truly encounter the Love of God but even more so when it is for the first time. It always causes me to pause and just reminisce in His Love for me. Read More

Preaching The Gospel Wherever You ‘Find Yourself’

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KAILUA-KONA, Hawaii — In the spring of 2015, I was scheduled to lead a group on a mission trip to southern France, a region believed to be mostly populated by atheists. I was looking forward to sharing the love of God through the Gospel with those who probably know few, if any, Christians personally. But my plans fell through because I was unable to raise enough money for the nine-week trip and I found myself here in the Pacific without an immediate plan of action for my ministry career. Read More