Ukraine: Evacuations, Refugees & New Allies

by | Mar 17, 2022 | Missions Articles

It’s still hard to believe how everything has changed in the last three weeks. We long to wake up in the morning and be back at home in Odessa with our congregation. Yet we know this is where God wants us for this critical season.

The stream of refugees actually decreased a few days ago. But then it picked up again yesterday. We are grateful to be here to minister hospitality to believers and many non-believers in the name of Yeshua.

There are many conflicting reports, but it is believed up to five million have left their homes in Ukraine–and tragically 1.5 million are children.
Yesterday and today we were engaged in the evacuation of two orphanages across the Ukraine/Moldova border. One was in Odessa and the second in Nikolaev, where fighting is going on right now. A group of 21 were orphans from Odessa, and the second group of 75 were orphans from Nikolaev. Today they will be transported to Germany, where good friends are already waiting for them.
It is so ironic that 80 years ago Germans were our enemies, destroying Ukrainian cities and villages. But now it’s Russian destruction, with Germans extending a helping hand. Of course, not only is Germany assisting us, but absolutely the whole of Europe is helping save Ukrainian refugees from a burning country.

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