Facing Eternity

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Recently I got a call from Gateway Jewish Ministries to visit a Jewish man in Frisco hospital who had terminal cancer. Many had shared with him and been praying but no one had been able to lead him to his Messiah. They told me he had possibly only hours to live and would I be willing to go. Of course I agreed, it was about a one hour drive to get there. As I was driving and praying for him, God gave me a vision of him heading towards a huge drop in fast rapids with dangerous rocks, like in the Niagara Falls. God showed me I had about 20 minutes with this man which would determine where  he would spend eternity. I know His voice very well and the gravity of the situation hit me like a rock. This man was very well educated and a University professor, I knew I had to bypass his intellect and go straight to his heart and spirit. The Lord whispered to me, “ Tell him I am the bridge to heaven”. This seemed like a very simple instruction to tell a Jewish intellectual but I knew I must obey.

When I met this man in the ICU he was clearly in a very bad state and I knew he did not have long left on this earth. I told him that Yeshua ( Jesus) is the Jewish promised Messiah and that He is the bridge to heaven. Then I told him that if he feels like he is slipping away ( into eternity) he must remember to call on the name of Yeshua and he would take him to heaven. Romans 10:13 says, “For whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved”. As I said this his eyes opened wide and he exclaimed in distress to his daughter, “Am I slipping away? “ His eyes were being opened by the Holy Spirit and he knew that soon he would face eternity and all the knowledge he had could not save him, but this simple reality of Yeshua’s love could save him. Soon after that i knew I needed to go and my work was done. That night he was alone with his daughter and he asked if he would see her tomorrow. She answered, “Dad you will see me, but do you remember what to do if you feel like you are slipping away?”. He said, Yeshua, Yeshua, it is well, it is well… About 20 hours later he was in Gods Presence with his Messiah in Heaven. I have preached to crowds as big as one hundred thousand and continue to minister to thousands. But there is still nothing as precious as leading one precious soul to his or her Messiah, whether Jew or Gentile. No effort of price is to great to reach one of his lost sheep, because he paid the highest price he could, his very life……

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