Cassie Pfitzenmeier


 My name is Cassie, and It has been a privilege to serve in ministry for more than 15 years, coming along side leaders with administration and implementation of strategic initiatives for global transformation. I have a heart to see transformation that is initiated through prayer and the release of God's Presence. 
I live to bring teaching and worship that awakens hearts to the reality of Jesus and empowers people into their destiny.
Following several years of serving the poor and orphaned in Ghana, Africa with Global Presence Ministries, through whom I was ordained, I felt called to move to Washington, DC and pray for my nation and the government. 

I am currently a full-time missionary with JHOP DC & Bound4LIFE. JHOP DC (Justice House of Prayer DC) serves Washington, DC and the nation through ongoing prayer and strategic activism. We are committed to pray for national leaders as we seek spiritual transformation and cultural reformation to be established from the governmental gate of our nation’s capital. JHOP DC prays for God’s wisdom as governmental leaders address critical issues such as religious liberty, national security, the persecuted church, and policies to protect the unborn. 

Moving together with JHOP is Bound4LIFE. This is a grassroots movement to pray for the ending of abortion, carry the spirit of adoption, and believe for revival and reformation. It is an honor to bring my gifts in administration and in worship to see God move in Washington DC, the United States, and unto the ends of the Earth. 

In addition to serving with JHOP and Bound4Life, I continue to be a part of the the Global Presence 5-fold equipping team that circulates through a network of churches and prayer rooms to teach, preach and give a prophetic pulse from Washington D.C.

Lastly, I still maintain contact and relationship with those whom I served with in Ghana, Africa through Global Presence. In addition to my ministry within the US, I continue to take trips to Ghana, Africa. 

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