Shane Winnings

I am an Afghan Vet, Former Law Enforcement, a Spirit Filled Evangelist!

On May 1, 2021 God spoke to me to quit my job where my wife and I were very comfortable, making over $100,000/yr with amazing benefits and seniority, into unpaid missionary work.

We are now under the covering of One Voice Student Missions ( where I serve as a full time missionary, dedicated to reaching the next generation (GENZ) for Jesus Christ.  We have a massive goal of reaching 10,000 high school campuses in the next year for Christ!  I am a part of The Jesus Clubs, reaching literally millions of students PER WEEK through social media!  Check us out on TikTok IG and YouTube @thejesusclubs 😃

I have just completed a nationwide tour of the US, preaching the gospel and seeing the sick healed in 44 cities.  We saw those who are wheelchair bound receive healing and walk away from the meeting.  We saw deaf children and adults alike receive their hearing back and leave with their hearing aids in their pockets.  We saw countless miracles, deliverances, and people give their lives to Jesus!

We have given up everything we worked for for years because of the call of God which takes priority over our convenience, comfort, and even our dreams and desires.

God spared my life in Afghanistan and I know there was a divine purpose.

I've seen thousands of people healed and will give my life to doing what Jesus did.

In one year, God has exploded my online ministry through TikTok where

I preach the gospel everyday, and host a weekly live church that reaches

nearly 7,000.  Thousands of miracles, even doctor verified, have been performed

by the Lord.  Tens of thousands of kids and adults have given their lives to Jesus!

God has also grown my Instagram platform where I also preach and teach the gospel.  Between these 2 accounts I have nearly 900,000 followers who hear the gospel daily!

My wife and I are expecting a new baby in late November!!  This transition was far from comfortable for us but when God speaks, we move!

Partnering with us is not simply putting money in our accounts.  We are asking for people who see what God has done in our lives, and wants to do, and will INVEST in that!  God has moved mightily in the last 9 months of our lives and we believe the best is yet to come.  

As I stated above, we are unpaid missionaries.  We do not receive a salary or wage!  Our lives are fully funded by your generosity.

If you're considering giving and want to know how much, do what Jess and I do when we prepare our hearts to give.  Simply pray this:

"God, please tell me how much you want me to give."

Then whatever God says, just do that :) Keep it simple, listen for His voice, then obey!

We love you and want to say thank you so much for visiting our page and considering partnering with us in this dream as we pursue the calling of God to save a nation from the works of the enemy.

With Love,

Shane & Jessica Winnings

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