Alan & Kayla Rosas.

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We are the Rosas' and currently serve full time in Dallas, Texas with One Voice Student Missions.   

Family, Missions, & Discipleship.

My wife and I serve as missionaries with One Voice Student Missions. Nice to meet you! We currently serve as leaders and pastors to our missional community. We long to serve this community and empower them to walk in wholeness, integrity, and communion with Jesus. We have the best job ever!

 Thank you for your support.

           "One Voice Student Missions exists to see youth saved, discipled, and sent." We have reached students in public high schools for the last decade through our Jesus Club program and have trained churches and faith groups all over America in our model. Last year our ministry transitioned to digital missions as many schools began to shut down. The results that followed blew us away. God is not done with students. Gen Z wants Jesus!

Executive Team

Alan serves on the executive team with One Voice Student Missions. They have a motto that the greater the position the greater the servant. This includes strategic leadership, praying through decisions, problem solving, pastoring, and leading our team leads. 

Pastoral Leaders

We both serve as the community pastors to our missional community. This includes discipleship, community events, hosting missionaries, and many pastoral counseling moments. 

Activate Training School

We both lead our ministries month long training experience called Activate. This is a discipleship training program where we teach about Jesus, character, community, and digital missions. 



TRAINING Experience

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