The Abundant Journey Mission

The mission of The Abundant Journey is to connect with full-time traveling families and individuals to cultivate a Gospel-centered community, through mission and service in the name of Christ.

Bulding a Gospel-centered, Mission-focused, Adventure-driven Community for Full-time RV Families

We are the Moss family and are on a mission across North America as nomadic, missionaries engaging in Christian service and discipleship. We have left our pastorship and home church to pursue a life of simplicity and invite you to share in our Abundant Journey!

What began as a feeling of unsettledness grew into a mission for our family. God had laid a heavy need on our hearts to pursue an alternative lifestyle separated from the classic 9–5 and rooted in family, faith, service, and connection with others that have also felt the exhaustion of suburban life.

During the May 2019 tornado that hit Jefferson City, MO, we found ourselves placed in the middle of disaster relief efforts. God used our family for food distribution, community care, and extending the witness and care of the church to people whose lives had been unexpectedly interrupted. Even though this was not a happy time, we felt satisfied in our obedience to the call that was placed on us.

During this time, we saw many people come onto the scene from all over the country and offer their hands to serve and minister. This experience marked a major turning point for our family and how we feel called to ministry. We saw first hand, the power in being responsive to the call. So, likewise, we have answered. God used this to refine us and send us to minister to traveling families, service to others, and proclaiming the transformative power of the Gospel.

How it Works

Connect with Full-Time Traveling  Families and Individuals

  • Since The Abundant Journey (AJ) is primarily a media based ministry we will be using our web series to connect and become part of the community. We are not outsiders but instead fully together with the families we are trying to reach. The web series allows us to share the experience of the road.

  • We will also become members to different full-time RV organizations in order to meet and build relationships within the community (Full-Time Families and Escapees). These clubs already gather the community and we want to be a presence there to share The Gospel and demonstrate how living a life on mission can be done on the road.

Web Series

Cultivate a Gospel-Centered Community

  • A second stream of media we will utilize is video guided devotion time called “Campfire Devotions.” These devotion videos can be accessed on our Facebook Page, YouTube Channel, and Website.

  • Another way is through fellowship opportunities called Abundant Adventures. These gatherings will be a predetermined destinations that members of the AJ Community will meet for a time of intentional discipleship, service, fellowship, and training. Some of the most meaningful discipleship can happen as this community serves others together.

  • This differs from classic campground ministry because we are not inviting random people in the camp, rather meeting people we are intentionally discipling through media.

Mission and Service in the name of Christ

Thanks to our partnership we now have access to an entire network of missions and camps all across the country. Working with camp directors and mission coordinators, we will provide content on these missions so families are encouraged to serve while they travel.

  • Our web series will be used as a resource for new missionaries and encourage existing ones to serve. Each episode will provide information of how someone can connect and serve with that mission.

Thank you for considering to support us

One time donations, monthly pledges … all gifts, all amounts are a huge blessing!

We are dedicated to being good stewards to the gifts we receive from you. We receive it with joy and use it to continue to connect the traveling families of North America to the Body of Christ. 1 Corinthians 12:12-31.

The gifts received will be used to benefit the RV families and the community being built. Examples of these expenses are:

Fellowship opportunities for families and their children. These opportunities include family adventures at exciting, family-friendly destinations and service opportunities provided by Campers on Mission.

Production of Christian resources specific to RV families such as videos, books, devotions, and handouts. These materials are used to support the mission of the ministry of building a Gospel-centered, Mission-focused, and Adventure-driven community.

Benevolence gifts used to help families in need through campsite, fuel, grocery, and other living costs.

Please partner with Adam Moss by giving a one-time or recurring monthly donation: