Bailey Redmond

Bailey Redmond

“I have one desire now - to live a life of reckless abandon for the Lord, putting all my energy and strength into it.” 

― Elisabeth Elliot

In July 2016, I said "yes" to the invitation of the Lord. I moved from my beloved hometown of Daytona Beach, Florida to Los Angeles, California to join One Voice Student Missions. I left everything I've ever known to follow the One I love the most. I began the adventure of a life time as a campus missionary & worship leader, reaching the hardest & darkest high schools in America. That was 6 years ago! Since joining, our team of campus missionaries has since moved to Dallas, TX and have journeyed into digital missions, where we are now reaching over 5 million people on Tiktok within our team alone. Amazing, right? God has been moving in the hearts of Gen Z and millennial across the globe and it is an honor to be apart! I am currently apart of The Well's women's movement where I am discipling young women to know Jesus, I am leading worship full-time & currently working towards my very first EP, and I am apart of the Jesus Clubs reaching Gen Z & training others to do the same. He truly is saving souls across the globe, even digitally. He will have the reward of His suffering! Gen Z will be SAVED, no matter what it takes! 

Since I first said "yes" to the Lord in 2016, my heart's desire has remained the same... regardless of what I am "doing" for the Lord, my heart beats to love Him well, and to know Him. My heart burns for Him, and to fall deeper in love with this Man. My greatest desire is to be a priest before Him. A David on the hillside, who's one thing is to gaze upon His beauty & to inquire in His temple all the days of my life. It is my greatest joy and honor to lay my life down for this Man, and to follow Him wherever He says to go, and to point the world back to Him! Thank you for being apart of this storyline with me, and for sowing into my life. It means more to me than you could ever know.

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