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The Atkinson family have been in full time ministry for over 12 years; serving multiple ministries: IHOPKC, Richmond IHOP, Cincinnati HOP, The Call and Holy Clubs. They have been responsible to lead, build, coach, and sustain prayer, discipleship and evangelism to 1000’s of people during this time. Their family has grown to 5 children: Gabriel, Emma, Kyah, Tirzah and Micah.

Most currently, they are passionately building prayer, evangelism and discipleship on colleges and universities across America by building and directing ‘Holy Clubs’, which are praying discipleship groups. These groups collectively empower students to build prayer, evangelize to the lost, and disciple the students on their local campus, and then reach out to start similar groups in the surrounding high schools.

When a student has completed our training they are then encouraged to serve in: missions, marketplace and media. We believe that God is sending His best and brightest to impact the nations of the earth.

Please consider partnering with us to see a great harvest of souls!!

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  • CHURCH: Prayer & Teaching.

    PARENTS: Training & Equipping.

    YOUTH: Encouragement & Inspiration.

    CHILDREN: Foundational Training.

    DISCIPLESHIP: Plans for your Church, Ministry or Family.

Ben has been serving the church body through lecturing and ministering for the past 20 years. He has spoken at countless churches, church and youth retreats, city-wide outreaches, and national as well as international prayer gatherings. He has served on several local, state, and national leadership teams over the past 15 years. Also, Ben Atkinson is author and director of, a prayer and discipleship training designed to revive your heart, grow your prayer life, teach you foundational truths, and empower you to hear God’s voice. Over 10,000 people have already benefited from Holy Clubs in 2017, and we have plans to triple this in 2018.

what does a weekend 

with Ben look like?

Ben can serve as you desire, from a single session to multiple sessions over the course of a few days. The choice is yours. However, because Ben is a marathon runner with an intense energy level, here is what some churches have done in the past to get the most out of this time. 


  • FRIDAY: Evening session (Topic of your choice)

  • SATURDAY MORNING: Going Deeper (This is where a church chooses the deeper topics (i.e. Song of Songs, Israel, Prayer, End Times, Book of Daniel, Beatitudes, GRACE, Intimacy, Freedom from Pornography/Anxiety etc.)

  • SATURDAY NOON: Luncheon for families followed by children’s prayer activation (parents watch to learn).

  • SATURDAY EVENING: church family and/or just youth (Topic of your choice).

  • SUNDAY MORNING: Topic of your choice, or leave it up to Ben to choose.

What does Ben OFFER?

You Get to choose what is best for you!!

Discipleship plans 

Ben has a unique gift and passion to build discipleship plans for the body of Christ. He has written numerous curriculum and continues to produce content yearly. He is author and director of and additional resources can be found here. 

Equipping parents  

Parents are the frontline of God’s battle plan in the war for the heart of our nations. Ben and his wife Nadia have purposely raised their 5 children to walk in the world, but not of the world, while having FUN!!! Ben shares his unique perspective from 20 plus years of ministry and what they have done to produce a happy health home (this is one of their most requested topics):

  1. FAMILY PRAYER: building enjoyable family prayer in the midst of life’s business.

  2. FAMILY BIBLE TIME: how to incorporate the word of God, over the years, to give your family the foundations they need to walk holy.

  3. FAMILY OUTREACH: how to be purposeful in raising an outward-focused family in an inward-focused world.

eQuIPping Youth

Over the years, Ben has built, served, and maintained multiple youth. He has lived in the inner-city and in rural counties as they strengthened and encouraged the youth. And, of course (as those who know Ben would say), he always shares many of his powerful missionary stories. Most currently, he speaks in high schools, middle schools, youth groups, and in youth retreats on the topics of:

  1. SALVATION: Many youth are not yet saved and/or need to learn how to share their faith.

  2. BIBLE READING PLAN: 21 days Bible reading plan (3x5 – read your bible 3 times a day, five days a week, for 21 days).

  3. ENJOYABLE PRAYER: Start, strengthen and maintain your prayer life.

  4. LOVE: Revealing God’s biblical plan for love.

  5. WHAT IS BEAUTY??: This is a 3-part series that teaches the youth to search out true beauty.

equipping children 

Ben has built, led, and participated in more children’s ministry camps, conferences, outreaches, and Sunday services that he can count. He shares, “In my first church plant, our church was able to minister to an amazing single mom and her 5 year old son. Now that 5 year old is 27 years old, in Seminary, vibrantly serving the local church, and he is reconciled to his earthly father.” He offers equipping to (5 to 12 years old):

  1. SALVATION: Many children are not yet saved and/or need to learn how to share their faith.

  2. ENJOYABLE PRAYER: Start, strengthen and maintain your prayer life (this is the most requested).

  3. LOVE FOR THE BIBLE: Learning to read the bible consistently (FUN).  


Ben has written curriculum primarily geared towards 15 year olds, but also used by adults. This includes curriculum on The Book of Daniel, Song of Songs, Understanding Dreams and Visions, Growing in the Gifts of the Spirit, and Hearing the Voice of God. Please feel free to ask how he can serve your local community.


The Atkinson’s have been raising funds for ministry as well as living in full-time ministry for the past 17 years. They willingly continue to serve the church in America and the Nations of the earth. There is no set price for Ben’s coming to serve your church community. If possible, he asks for you to cover travel expenses, along with giving an offering. If this can not be provided, then he will work to raise the funds to come to you. All gifts are tax deductible and can sent to: Atkinson family page!!

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