Benjamin Atkinson

The Atkinson family have been in full time ministry for over 12 years; serving multiple ministries: IHOPKC, Richmond IHOP, Cincinnati HOP, The Call and Holy Clubs. They have been responsible to lead, build, coach, and sustain prayer, discipleship and evangelism to 1000’s of people during this time. Their family has grown to 5 children: Gabriel, Emma, Kyah, Tirzah and Micah.

Most currently, they are passionately building prayer, evangelism and discipleship on colleges and universities across America by building and directing ‘Holy Clubs’, which are praying discipleship groups. These groups collectively empower students to build prayer, evangelize to the lost, and disciple the students on their local campus, and then reach out to start similar groups in the surrounding high schools.

When a student has completed our training they are then encouraged to serve in: missions, marketplace and media. We believe that God is sending His best and brightest to impact the nations of the earth.

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