Jonathan Costa

Jonathan Costa is a part of Shores of Grace Ministries in Brazil, since 2009 he’s been serving Nic and Rachael Billman. He goes to the streets ministering God’s love and restoring the relationship of God’s children back to their Papa. His passion is to see sons and daughters of the living God released into their true identity, influencing every aspect of society, with God’s purposes and dreams. Many of these sons and daughters are found in the streets and favelas (slums), little girls and boys as young as 6 years old on the streets prostituting themselves.

Jonathan believes in total restoration and redemption! He has a heart for children in abusive situation, prostitution, and the victims of human trafficking, homeless, drug addicts, prostitutes and transvestites.

The vision for his ministry is to kill the giant of sexual exploitation that is in the way of a great move of God in this generation. Jonathan is calling the Church to rise up and be Jesus on earth. He has been traveling with Global Awakening since 2007, and he is an administrator for the Kingdom. He loves the Body of Christ and serves the Church with training for missions in his nation and the world.

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