David Chapdelaine

David and Sarah Chapdelaine have been in full-time ministry since 2009.  In 2008, David and Sarah attended a prayer meeting, both leaving with a deep conviction that they should open their home in order to care for and adopt orphans.  Since then, due to their calling to adopt, David & Sarah have adopted four children from the foster care system.

Responding to a call to full time ministry in 2009, The Chapdelaine’s ministry has grown over time into an important ministry to Covington, Northern Kentucky and the Greater Cincinnati area. David and Sarah’s calling is to see the Church of Cincinnati mature in close relationship with God through prayer and singing sharing the good news of Jesus Christ in intentional relationships and engaging others in care for the orphan through foster care and adoption.

At home, their family mission is to care for and be available as a forever family for as many children as they can. As adoption advocates, David and Sarah meet with families in foster care and those considering foster care to offer wisdom, information and encouragement in their journeys.

As a Chaplain, David is part of the CPE program at The Christ Hospital, serving as a hospital chaplain, as well as taking part in local businesses, investing in employees to spiritually support the missions of the businesses through spiritual and emotional support.

David & Sarah live in Covington, KY with their 4 adopted children, Markus, Lena, Myra, Josiah as well as two other children.


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