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Domanic Jordan

Helping you win with finance, fundraising, and marketing.

Hey, I am Domanic! In 2016, I was called into ministry with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and spent three years serving the YWAM Ships, University of the Nations, and sharing the Gospel with 24 countries around the world.  Now I help missionaries and nonprofits win with finance, fundraising, and marketing.


Current Mission

I left full-time ministry with YWAM in the fall of 2019 to return to Kansas City and pay off $34,000!  It took me 10 months of hustling, but and financial fortitude, but we did it.  This journey has given me a platform and the experience to help and encourage both missionaries and nonprofits to steward and win with their finances.

In October 2020, I am continuing this journey by moving to Idaho and partnering part-time with YWAM Boise.  I will continue to develop my skills in finance, fundraising, and marketing through becoming a Dave Ramsey Master Financial Coach and a StoryBrand Marketing Guide.


  • Co-Founded the maritime training devision of the University of the Nations and Youth With A Mission, the YWAM Maritime Academy
  • Developed the first two christian maritime Associates Degrees on the planet through the University of the Nation
  • Helped create and write eight maritime training courses for the medical and mission vessels around the world
  • Coordinated the partnership of seven YWAM campuses and five international maritime missions organizations to make maritime training a reality for the next generation of missionary crew
  •  Served churches and communities in twenty-four countries on five continents



But I need your help...


As I want to keep my services free for missionaries, I must raise support for everything from materials to gaining these certifications.  With the long-term in mind, I have to count the costs:

  Travel needs for the ministry
  Services and annual fees
  Paying for equipment and continued system maintenance



Will you join the story financially partnering with ministry?

Together, as a team, we can see God reach the forgotten people groups around-the-world!

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