Domanic Jordan

Domanic Jordan

Living a life committed to knowing God and making Him known.

Hey, I am Domanic!  In 2016, I was called into ministry with Youth With A Mission (YWAM).  Now, my team and I facilitate the training of missionaries for medical ships around the world!

University of the Nations Maritime Academy

I work alongside an amazing team that makes the vision of training missionaries for YWAM Ships a reality.

YWAM Next Wave

Working alongside YWAM's only dedicated training vessel, the s/y Next Wave, is an amazing honor and super fun!

YWAM Harpenden

While in Harpenden, UK, I serve the community as a volunteer barista a few shifts per week, along with local men's small groups.

 YWAM Ships Internationally

As a calling, I serve YWAM ships globally to encourage further collaboration and training to see even more nations reached.

The Problem

There are families torn apart because of preventable diseases.  Where diseases have been eradicated in developed countries, they can be debilitating for people in hard-to-reach places.  Could medical professionals be available to all people no matter where they live?

Many island communities don’t have enough food to feed all members of their society.  Families go without food.  Could agricultural experts train indigenous people new techniques to harvest more?

Some island nations have inner villages that worship many gods. They don’t know the life that comes with Christ.  Could the darkest societies be completely reached with the gospel?

Most of these forgotten people all around the world are only reachable by ship.

Though our fleet has 27-vessels, our vision is to have forty in a few years time. Our vision is big and the medical missionaries are ready, but...


The Good News

We are starting the Maritime Academy within YWAM to meet this need. The Academy equips missionaries with maritime qualifications and experience through our degree courses. This enables all that we do with our medical and aid vessels around the world.

We are not only looking to train YWAM volunteers, but also partnering with other ministries such as Operation Mobilisation and others.

We are excited to see more individuals impacted by life changing surgeries. That they would hear the gospel and make a life changing decision to follow Jesus. All this is made possible by having committed, qualified ships crew.

Some of our achievements

We have nurtured a small team which is enabling such a large impact across many nations, such as:

Today, YWAM runs 1 course in maritime (ship) training at 2 locations.  Within the next 3-years, we will be offering 16+ training programs at 6 locations..... and this is just the beginning of what we have in the works!

But I need your help...

As do all who serve with Youth With A Mission, I must raise my own support for everything from food to flights.  I am committed to this mission with YWAM long-term.  With the long-term in mind, I am counting the cost of not receiving a salary and have increased ministry costs:

  Increased travel needs for the ministry
  Accounting for savings, taxes, and tithes as I enter a long-term mindset
  Paying off debts

Will you join the story by financially partnering with this ships ministry?

Together, as a team, we can see God reach the forgotten people groups around-the-world!

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