Elda Amparo Trejo-Barrera


Freedom without God is a trap!

 I lived in solitude, without an identity, and did not feel like a child of God. I was a successful professional and worked for a very important national media organization and for a foreign agency, but I was so lonely because my identity was in what I did and my work. When I was living this way, I had my daughter and became a single mom. I left my career, moved in with my parents to raise my daughter.  That was 15 years ago. I since met a wonderful and powerful God, who taught me to be a Mother, restored my relationships with my parents and with my family, and gave me a new identity.  In 2014, I am honored to attend my first Freedom and Fullness Seminar in Mexico led by Int’l Kingdom Connectors Ministries (IKC Ministries) founded by Andy and Flori de la Garza. I also received a Personal Ministry Session and in 2016, I was one of the first students to complete Spanish Personal Ministry Training that brought biblical truth and personal healing to my life based on Luke 4:18-19.


International Kingdom Connectors Ministries (IKCM)  mission is to help people discover their true identity and authority in Christ and experience personal freedom and victory through biblical teaching and ministry per Luke 4:18-19.


When I serve as a volunteer for IKC Ministries, I know I am participating in bringing the gospel to those who need hope and healing in the brokenhearted here in Mexico. Many who have been wounded by violence, by fear, and by open doors of access out of ignorance (lack of knowledge). Hosea 4:6 says "My people perish for lack of knowledge". 

There are many Christians in my country, who live enslaved, without knowing it.In Mexico, the statistics of children raised by single women show a high percentage end up in prisons, drug cartels, and criminal gangs. Our prisons are filled with young people who arrive with a wounded and hurt heart to adulthood. God wants to heal the heart of people of Mexico and I want to do my part in bringing healing to God's people.   


I am a IKC Ministries volunteer and enjoy serving at the freedom and fullness seminars, praying for those who are hurting, and using my talents in journalism to help ministry write Spanish newsletters to our partners and event participants.  Please pray about partnering with me so that I can continue sharing the gospel and freedom to the people of Latin America! 

Thank you! 

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