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Kingdom over Culture:
What it's like Painting the Father's Heart

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My Process

Any good pastor will prepare their hearts and the sermon they plan to preach well before they deliver it. They will most likely organize their thoughts and print out notes to remind themselves of what the Lord was saying. They might find pictures to better illustrate key points. All in the hope of clearly communicating His heart.

My process has been one of self-discovery. It is like none other. This may sound lofty, but it’s really not meant to be. My process, just like my fingerprint, it's not like anyone else’s. It’s unique to me, just like your process will be unique to you, and this is how it should be. God is the creator and the author of creativity. Creativity isn’t modeled by cookie-cutter anything. It is a process of making something out of nothing. Producing life or calling chaos into order where there wasn't any. No inspiration, no pattern, no nothing.

But while God is creative, He is far from random, in that He doesn’t just stick arms where legs should be unless there's a reason. He doesn’t just throw things in a pot and wait to see what happens. He is the God of the Good Orderly Direction. He is a God of the planned and a God of His Word.

So, my process begins by deciding to make room for Him in the clutter of my mind, my pack schedule, and my fear-ridden heart. I begin with worshiping to clear away the cobwebs and the lies.

I’ll plug in a worship set that suits my temperament that day, roll up my sleeves, and press in. I can’t always get to the last place I found Him, but He’s always been faithful to meet me where I am. May times, through physical pain, rejection, or even melancholy, are obstacles I fight through to get to Him. I start with gratitude. I just start thanking Him for random things. My arms and legs mostly work; the roof over my head; the food in the fridge - that I even have a fridge. Basic stuff that sometimes seems kind of hokey, but it gets the ball rolling. My husband says you can’t

steer a parked truck, and while I believe God can, I’m just not that good, so I start simple. And it works; before I know it, my eyes aren’t on myself and my junk. I become others-minded if you will. This process seems to be all about getting me out of the way.

Of course, sometimes, even after we’ve done our part to prepare, the Lord throws a curveball by having someone else deliver the message. Partway through a painting, He sometimes seems to move in a completely different direction. He can do that because He’s God and knows exactly what’s needed at that moment. I've come to understand that time spent listening for the Father’s heart is never wasted.


Revelation 2:29
Painting the Father's HeartBlessHealing

My First Prophetic Painting.

The Victory Project

This is where it all began. Easter of 2014 an old friend, who was, attending a different congregation, telephoned to see if I would be willing to paint what her pastor preached that Sunday. She described it, and after much consternation, I relented after she assured me that I could take my time.

On 5 July 2015 We presented Pastor with this mixed media piece depicting Jesus' work AFTER the crucifixion, but BEFORE His resurrection. This painting took me over a year. I was on my face before the Lord, crying out for His heart as He imparted His wisdom. I can't remember how many times I pulled satan's wings off because I didn't like the way they looked. God has refined the process a bit. Today I can paint a painting for Him in an hour if He needs me to, but I do miss those hours spent at His feet.

The victory begins by choosing to believe that He loves me and wants to talk to me. Yes, every time; even after having done this for a while, I still battle to find the truth in those deep dark corners. It’s just how it is, at least for now. Maybe at some point, He’ll zap me fully whole and healed completely, but as it stands, I still battle to hear His truth.

In November of 2020, the Lord told me to prepare my buckets for rain. Not knowing how to do that, I tried a few ideas of my own. Of course, they all failed. In June of 2021, a dear friend suggested Modern Day as a vehicle. Until I joined MD, the weight of supporting this ministry rested on the shoulders of my amazingly generous and talented husband's teaching career. The Lord's provision, of course, but we feel that in this new season, the Lord is wanting to bless others beyond what that salary can contribute. So here we are, opening this vehicle up to others, like you, who feel led to partner with us to spread the gospel through the art of worship.

Art is worship.

Your focus determines your worship.

What you worship determines your Art.

If you want to know what someone values

just look at their Art or their checkbook.


Current Ministry Needs


Economical Transportation

Can I brag on my friends at They donated a new-to-me vehicle that perfectly met this need! Thank you so much Ben and Margret!


I'm always in need of supplies to paint His heART.  GIFT CARDS are always the best way to do this is. Email for details if you are interested in helping in the area.

New Retaining Wall

My studio sits on Rush Creek, in Arlington, Tx. The retaining wall is made of old railroad ties. These, of course, have rotted away over time. We are in need of a new wall to prevent us from sliding into the creek bed.

or One-time Donations.
We are looking for those who are called to partner with us. Either one-time or as monthly support. He has told us that our living and travel expenses will increase as He has commissioned our mobile unit to paint outside the MetroPlex. We are looking to raise $4k.

An extraordinary amount for us to be sure, BUT nothing is impossible for Him!

That works out to 40 people who can give $100 a month or 80 who are able to give $50. Are you being led to partner with us? No amount is too small. As always, your donations are tax deductible. As the Lord moves heARTS, we are believing for the activation of generous donors in the Lord’s timing.


My biggest need, by far, is that of

PRAYER SUPPORTThe opposition to this ministry is crazy huge. Much stronger than I ever could have imagined. ARE YOU ABLE TO COMMIT TO PRAY FOR ME, monthly, weekly or even daily? Please consider reaching out to let me know you're on the TEAM. You can do that HERE.


Below are some paintings the Lord has birthed through me during worship, with brief details about each one's process. Some have already found forever homes, but some are still waiting. Please let me know if this is an avenue you would like to pursue. Better yet, join us for a worship service and experience the process for yourself. Prints of these works may also be purchased on Fine Art America. Please reach out if you don't see an image for which you would like a print.

Cracked Pots

Aren't we all a little cracked? But we have this treasure in jars of clay that the surpassing greatness of the power may be from God and not from ourselves. 2 Corinthians 4:7 TLV. This time the Lord led me to recall the words of Jason GrayHe made you to Glow in the Dark; the more broke you are, the more the light gets through! It reminds me that my light shines brightest in the darkness.

Can you hear the Sound?

Paintings are generally given to me before events. This one was no exception. I balked at its simplicity, but the Lord led the worship team to sing out the chorus, "Can you hear the sound of the Lord coming" as the dancers cupped their ears and leaned in to listen. You can't make this stuff up! He's really just that good!!!

Breaking Free

Asking the Lord what He wanted to paint, He said, "Freedom!". Yeah, I don't know what that looks like, Lord. I sure hope you show up. He is so faithful! Normally, we have an hour to paint during our sets, but this night pastor decided to cap it at 45 minutes. Imagine my surprise when I stepped back and saw this beauty. HS is so so good!

I was recently asked to paint during a worship service at Everman Methodist Church. This was the final service Project-44 was to have at this location. The pastor was transitioning to a new congregation in Burleson, Texas. I later heard that many in attendance were entering personal seasons of transition as well.

Will you let Him in?

This painting was my husband's idea :) I had been sitting with the Lord for several days, not really hearing anything. At the 11th hour, I brought my dilemma to Him. This painting was birthed out of his personal struggle to let the Lord into the hidden places in his heart. It was later gifted as a wedding present to a young newlywed couple at Upper Room.

His Grace covers me.

There had been a call to recommit our YES to Him which the young man willingly accepted. He had seen the painting of the bloody cross before He knelt, but when he stood up, the dove appeared. It was then he knew the painting was for him. This work now lives with that young man in Dallas, Texas.

True North
Description Coming Soon.

The WInter has Past

Description Coming Soon.

Wave Walker

Descriptions Coming Soon.

Isaiah 53:6

Where the old covenant would demand retribution, God's new covenant is fueled by love. Not an eye for an eye, but a lamb for THE LAMB. In the shadow of the cross, we are healed and our pasts redeemed. New growth happens in the shadow of His wings; through the power of His sacrifice.

Another in the Fire

This will forever be a reminder that the Lord has my back. That He loves me unconditionally and that regardless of what it looks like, He is with me, providing for my every need. This expression of God's love currently lives in Cedar Hill with a dear friend.

Broken Pieces
A few years ago, the Lord ministered to me in a very personal way through this piece while I live streaming a UR prayer set. This piece declares, over all the noise, that He is my protector, that I can trust Him to be faithful to fulfill all of His promises.

Like a weaned child
As I sat with the Lord, I could feel such peace. He was wanting to hold me (and all of His favorites) so close to His chest in complete peace and tenderness. There was no room for doubt on this one, I had to paint Psalm 131.


This small but mighty depiction of the Lord's glory came with a wave of the blessing of His grace and peace. It was so much fun to partner with Holy Spirit, and be immersed in the weight of His presence. Later this painting was gifted to a lovely mom of 3 in Fort Worth, Texas.

Exodus 14:14

The Lord Himself will fight for you; You need only be still. I've always loved this verse! This painting was gifted via the Findery project in Waco. I partnered with the owners to give their guests a little godly encouragement during a rough season.

Captivated II
This is rather large and currently hangs in the UR bathroom "Gallery". I painted this with Holy Spirit over the course of a few Tuesday Evening worship sets. Miss those times! What a sweet season.

Extract the precious
I heard the Lord say, "I'm extracting the precious from the worthless." These last few years have been so challenging for so many. Trauma is never easy, but during those times, the Lord is always faithful to be with us working all things for our good and His glory <3 I'm learning to...Stay calm and press on.

Divine Exchange
It's such a shame that you can't see the glitter in this photo, but as you walk by, it seems to follow you much the way God's glory proceeds and follows us. I was so amazed at how brilliant the colors turned out to be. I remember listening to the song by the same name by Lara Martin

Let us Worship and Bow Down
As Daniel prayed, despite the regulations of His day, so too, we are called to pray boldly for our land. I was led to wonder, by extension, was Daniel praying for us when he saw the revelation of our time?

Covered in the Blood
This lovely is living in Bakersfield, CA in a house of prayer under the leadership of a dear sister-in-Christ, who is a light-bearer to her generation in a very radical way.

He is coming for His Bride
We've all heard it and know the scriptures. He is coming for a blameless and spotless Bride, but sometimes I forget that my washing doesn't depend on me. Sometimes I forget that He is only looking for my YES.

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