Danny & Stephanie Gutierrez

Our Story

It’s been 10 years since we first became missionaries to Peru, and while we look back with so much gratitude on all the things God has allowed us to live, we are more excited about the future God has prepared for his Church and our family.

We have the honor of serving the local church in Lima, the capitol city, at one of the greatest churches on the continent, Camino de Vida. We serve on the pastoral and executive teams and whether it is teaching a new generation of church leaders through IDL, getting small groups started, or mentoring young women at the Grace House, we count it an honor to serve.

For the past few years we’ve also had the honor of serving pastors from 9 different Latin American countries through our church’s “Haciendo Iglesia” project that reaches into over 1,300 churches throughout the continent. Through round tables and coaching we’ve been able to encourage other congregations by walking with their pastors through the important process of change. 

With your prayers and financial support we will continue our focus on seeing local churches revitalized, re-energized, and equipped to reach their cities.

Thank you for considering being part of our team. 

It’s been an honor to represent so many families that desire to see the Gospel take root in communities throughout Latin American. 

Pandemic Pivot


Missions as we know it today has changed dramatically with the Covid pandemic. Boundaries have been erased as to where and how we "go" with the Gospel. In a same week we have had the crazy experience of leading a small group in our city, speaking a youth event in Colombia, doing a small group training in Argentina, and participating in an Instagram LIVE in the US, and still being present to speak at a Sunday service at our church in Peru... all from the office of our home in lockdown. 

How we reach our neighbors and cities and nations, which continue to be living under very strict and restrictive stay-in-place orders has been no less then a miracle to watch unfold. The global health crisis has created an acceleration that we would have never imagined possible with all the limitations we now have. 

But God. 

He knows the way to each persons heart, and he has been faithful to show us the way, because so many hearts are open to the Gospel that were not before the pandemic.

We started 2020 (pre-pandemic) with 600+ small groups.

We start 2021 (mid-pandemic) with 1,500+ small groups.

The average attendance of each group has gone from 7 to 20.

Crazy Stuff...

We have people tuning in to our online services and small groups from all over the world. 71 new small group leaders that have never set foot in our church in this first season. They found us online. Gave their lives to Jesus. Started in a small group. Began serving. And now lead their own groups.

Our online “summer camp” for just our college students had 600 young people connect through Zoom, 30 of them received Jesus for the first time.  They now are plugged into online groups!

We hosted a marriage conference that the year before had 20 couples in attendance at a retreat center in Rome, Georgia, and in 2020 the conference was held online continent wide with 1,200 CHURCHES participating and 387,000 COUPLES joining in live from multiple digital platforms. That is 774,000 PEOPLE learning about God's plan for marriage at the same time! And it was absolutely FREE for all that participated.

These days are crazy no doubt, but they have been crazy fruitful for the Kingdom. There has never been a better time to invest in missions. DOORS ARE WIDE OPEN!

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