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The Amos Family has a new Gospel commission from Jesus.   We're following the Holy Spirit into our...


Hi, we're James & Kristin Amos!

We are missionaries from Granite City, Illinois, USA.  We are partners as a couple in all we do.

Our joint-calling and passion includes sharing Jesus and training God's church, with an emphasis in bringing structure and support to the poor and overlooked.

Our Second Missionary Journey

Jesus has invited our family to sell everything we have, give to the poor, and come follow Him. Since He’s proven Himself so trustworthy, we are compelled to follow Him wherever He leads, and tell of His goodness wherever we go. We were happy doing that right here in Granite City, but He has shown us that He’s closing the door for us here and opening one into the nations. So we're packing up the kids, selling our things, and heading out!

Gospel Ministries of the James & Kristin Amos Family


Here's what you'll find below:

1.  WHY?


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1.  WHy?

Why would we do this?  Oh, that's easy.  Jesus.  We want everyone to know, trust, and enjoy Jesus.

Seriously, do you know Him?  You can. He's alive. And you were made for Him.

The Gospel is 3 things about Jesus:

a.     Jesus’ Authority over our lives.         (He is our Lord.)

b.    Jesus' Finished Work in our place.    (He is our Savior.)

c.     Jesus' Love for us, personally.            (He is alive!)

Can you answer ‘yes’ to these 12 questions, in good conscience?

Jesus' Authority produces Repentance & Trust

1.     Do you believe Jesus has the right to be the authority in your life, who directs your decisions and gives you power to grow and change?  (Romans 10:9, Matthew 28:18, John 10:17-18, Romans 1:4-6, 17)

2.    Are you learning how to trust Jesus, rather than yourself?  (Mark 7:20-23)

3.     Are you willing to walk away from (repent of) anything that stands between you, and what Jesus wants for you, with God's help?  (Matthew 4:17)

4.     Have you asked him to take control of your life, and lead you, from now on?  (Matt 4:19)


Jesus' Finished Work produces Eternal Forgiveness

5.     Do you believe you are guilty of sin before God?  (Romans 3:23)

6.     Do you believe Jesus has paid 100% of the punishment you deserve for all your sins: past, present and future?  (1 Corinthians 15:3; Romans 8:31-39)

7.     Have you asked him to forgive and save you?  (Acts 2:37-41)


Jesus' Love invites us into a deep personal relationship with him.

8.     Do you believe that Jesus loves you unconditionally, and that he is inviting you into an ever-growing relationship with him?  (John 3:16; Romans 8:35-37)

9.    Are you beginning to experience real love for Jesus (Mark 12:30)


The Gospel gives us a New Life in God's Family

10.  Do you believe Jesus has given you the free gift of eternal life, which starts now?  (John 3:36)

11.  Are you ready to become a participating part of Jesus’ church, which is His family?  (Ephesians 5:23)

12. Are you ready to be discipled (trained) by other Christians, so that you can learn how to trust and obey Jesus in every area of your life?  (Matthew 28:20, 1 Corinthians 11:1)


Do you believe these things?  In other words, have you come to trust this Jesus?

This is the core of what Christians believe.  If you have decided this Good News is true, and it’s for you, then the next step is for you to be baptized into Christ’s church, and be discipled (trained) by other Christians.  (Matt 28:18-20)

2.  WHere?  When?  How?  (Is this Plan Wise?) 


Jesus is leading us on a true Missionary Journey, like in the Book of Acts,.  We will listen to his Holy Spirit, as he leads us from place to place -- not just one place.

Ukraine & Kenya are two places we believe the Lord desires to focus our work. We can’t say with certainty where we’ll be from month-to-month, because we’ve come to see that the Lord is wanting us to focus less on where we’re going and more on Who we’re following.


The Lord will work it out in His timing, but it seems likely that we will be leaving Granite City sometime around Christmas this year.

James is faithfully transitioning out of his role at City Hall, and then we will be in The States for as long as necessary to tie up loose ends like visas, passports, selling our house, and addressing medical needs for us and the kids.


We're taking Jesus at His Word  -- that as we seek first the King and His Kingdom -- He will care for our every need.

He will lead us; He will clothe us; He will feed us; He will sustain us. He's God after all! He has all the resources at His disposal.

And if The Father has given us His Son, won't He also with Him, graciously give us all things?

Is This Plan Wise?

Yes, we believe this is wise. 

It may seem like our plan is actually more of a lack-of-a-plan, but the truth is no one can see even a day into the future except Jesus. So we believe that simply following Him (the One who can see clearly where He is going) is the most wise plan. Since He's also promised that as we follow Him, He will take care of our every need, we know we can trust ourselves and our children with Him. He's a better Planner and Provider than us and He will be faithful.

And we believe it all will be more than worth it. Some things last forever and some things are fleeting.  We see in Jesus' example that He was willing to give His whole life to something eternal:  the salvation of our souls.  Because of His example, we too can give ourselves and everything we have, and trade it all in for what will never perish! Glory to God for taking our short lives and meager things and making an eternal impact!  

3.  WHat will we do?

Join, Equip, Continue

Our passion and calling remains: sharing Christ's Gospel, training God's people, and bringing support and structure for orphans, widows, the poor and overlooked. Part of this will come through continuing and growing in the work that Kristin is doing with Awaken Love. We will also be continuing and growing in James' ministries by serving and equipping local churches. Doing all of this together as a family is going to bring us great joy!

4.  about the amos family

Our Family

We are a Gospel-Centered Family, Trusting God in Worship, Training, & Mission.

We have five amazing kids:  Jasha, Grace, Edison, Liberty, & Blaise  (Ages 21, 19, 5, 2, & not quite 1).

We enjoy playing instruments, writing songs, exploring nature, and hanging with the grandparents.  Mostly, we love learning about Jesus and sharing Him with others.  We are excited to go on this Gospel journey with our youngest three!

Our Ministries

We met in 2011, at The Resurrection, the church congregation James had recently planted in Kristin’s hometown of Granite City.  James first began ministry in 2005 as a street evangelist to the poor in St. Louis.  From his earliest ministry days until now, James' passion and focus has been on Gospel-centered ministry, aiming to help everyone -- churched or unchurched, rich or poor -- to understand the Gospel for themselves. 

Kristin joined James in Gospel-centered ministry in 2011.  Together we have enjoyed equipping the church in the areas of discipleship, prayer and worship, and evangelism. Kristin is also the director of Awaken Love International, the US sister charity to Awaken Love for Africa, which was founded by dear friends Nicky and Sophie McLachlan.  Since 2009, Awaken Love has been caring for the poor and orphaned in Kenya. They see 250 children cared for at the Gideon Children's home with food, clothing, shelter, education, and medical care and have plans to extend their sponsorship program into Ukraine. 

Some Gideon children lead Kristin to a nearby home where there are children who need clothes and food.

James preaches the Gospel at The Resurrection in 2013.

5.  our public communications

Follow Us!

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Our Newsletter

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6.  resurrection resources

Pastor James Amos Gospel Resource Library

We are in the process of revamping our old website from our Granite City church plant, The Resurrection, to serve as James' teaching ministry library.  This new page will be called "Resurrection Resources."

All of our sermons, and much of our discipleship material is currently available.  We just need to change the look. 

Coming soon!

7.  Partnership: Prayer & Giving

Journey With Us

We believe that God has given us friends who love and trust us and will desire to sow into our family and our ministry through prayer and giving.  If you feel God's call to be part of our sending team please contact us! 

Thank you to August Gate Church for being our sending church, and to the partners who have already come alongside us with encouragement, prayers, and joyful giving.


We believe that the prayers of the saints are powerful and we are asking for yours! If you feel led to partner with us through prayer please subscribe to our newsletter and follow our facebook page where we will share prayer requests for our family and ministries. 

Giving: Amos Family

We are using Modern Day Missions (501c3) as our donation channel. Modern Day gives donors receipts and end-of-year giving statements for your taxes. To give a one-time donation, or set up a recurring monthly donation, click a  "Donate to James & Kristin Amos" button at the top or bottom of this page. From there you will be prompted to set up a DonorGive account. (Do not use the "donate" button at the very top of the page. That would make a general donation to Modern Day and not one specific to us.) 

*Anyone who signs up to give, please let us know, as we are not informed of a donation until it is processed.

Giving: Awaken Love International

If you are interested in sponsoring a child through our Awaken Love charity there are a variety of ways to give! Visit our Awaken Love Donations page to find out how.

8.  contact us

What's listed below is our current info.

We're on the move so some things will change.  Please note the following:

Please begin using this PO Box for any mail, prior to our leaving Granite City.

Our phone numbers may change in the near future.


James & Kristin Amos
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James & Kristin Amos
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