Jason Hamilton

What is the vision of The Bridge Foundation?

The vision of The Bridge Foundation is to support, through prayer and finances, 100 indigenous Christian workers among the unreached in Asia to reach 10,000 souls.

The Bridge Foundation is what the name implies: a bridge. We connect the “haves” with the “have-nots” to see the Great Commission accomplished in Asia. Our mission is to sponsor national workers who are preaching the Gospel among the unreached in Asia by connecting believers, Churches, and businesses to those most in need through prayer and financial support. Our motto is “We sing for the unsung.”

 What does The Bridge Foundation do in Asia?

Throughout many nations in Asia, especially in Third World and developing nations, there are many Godly, committed indigenous pastors and evangelists that are bringing the Good News to those that have never heard. Many of them are doing so without any major outside funding, denominational support, or agency networking. They are simply on the frontlines preaching the Gospel and reaping a harvest.

But a more bountiful harvest could be had with these faithful workers. For most of them, there is simply one thing holding them back: funding. A trip to Orissa state in India showed the plight of one dedicated pastor. To put on a 3-day revival meeting to reach out to Hindus and strengthen believers, the pastor emptied his savings, sold all his family’s gold and silver jewelry, and even sold his wedding rings to pay for the revival meeting.

What was the grand sum that took so much sacrifice? Three hundred dollars. $300 to put on a meeting to reach out to hundreds of unreached Hindus. We at TBF believe there is a better way.

Where does The Bridge Foundation work?

We are working in India, Cambodia, and other nations where national pastors are working on the frontlines to bring the Gospel to the unreached. Many of the places where TBF works are “restricted access” nations so all locations cannot be disclosed publicly for the safety of all involved.

Who is the Director of The Bridge Foundation?

Rev. Dr. Jason Hamilton is from West Virginia and is currently serving as an itinerant evangelist for Asia based in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. He is the founder and current Director of The Bridge Foundation.

Jason previously served as the Academic Dean of Global Evangelism Training, the missionary training arm of Global Ministry Teams based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He also served two years as a consultant and Teacher Mentor in the English curriculum department for rural schools in the Malaysian government’s Ministry of Education. With more than 10 years of mission experience, Jason has ministered in over 20 nations throughout Asia, Africa, and Latin America. He is a third-year graduate of the Hampton Masters Commission and holds a Doctor of Ministry in Leadership from Summit Bible College in Bakersfield, California.

Jason is married to Adelyne, a Malaysian, and they have one daughter, Dallas. He has been residing in Malaysia since 2009. Adelyne is a pre-school teacher with a calling and gifting for children’s ministry. When not chasing their daughter, they’re enjoying time with their French Bulldog, Rusty.

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