Kone Kmeng:  We are a local NGO (non-government organization) in Cambodia started by Sophany Pang, a young Cambodian Christian, in response to a calling from God.  Kone Kmeng connects charitable financial donors to churches in Cambodia to meet the desperate needs of children at risk.  We have evolved into an organization that empowers local churches to work at meeting the needs in their communities, especially those of the children.  Starting from several small outreaches, such as motorbike repair training, Jesus Club for Children, and nutrition for babies in poor health, we now work through provincial networks of close to 200 churches in 5 provinces throughout Cambodia.  Kone Kmeng has been equipping the church, through spiritual leadership training and children’s teachers forums, so the churches work together to develop and carry out various programs, such as, the children’s prayer movement, non-formal education classes, community education, community healthcare, family economic development plans, clean water and sanitation projects.  Churches are being strengthened to effect transformation in the lives of the children, their families, and their communities.
The vision is huge and the needs are great, yet over the past 10 years God has been faithful to carry out the vision.
♣ 1,407 church leaders, children’s teachers and community volunteers built up their capacity to work effectively within their communities.
♣ 6,210 children took part in prayer, growing their faith, as God responded, through the children’s prayer ministry.
♣ 12,754 children attended the supplemental classes for primary education, staying in school, even with pressures to drop out.
♣ 70 older children were able to continue high school through the high school dorm ministry.
♣ 50 youths were supported to attend university in Phnom Penh.
♣ 9,855 adults and children were trained on child protection.
♣ 815 families of the children participated in family development projects.
♣ 174 young women and men were trained on skills.
♣ 984 villagers received education on basic hygiene.
♣ 56,416 people in the villages have access to clean water.
♣ 3,910 people in the villages have access to latrines.
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Looking into the next decade, we would like to see the church strengthened and reaching out to even more communities.  We would like you to participate in this amazing journey of faith and seeing what God will do!

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