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Teacher for the Nations





After finishing College, she asked God how He would use her career to expand His Kingdom. On one hand, she had the skills to make ideas clearer for visual learners and on the other hand she wanted to have the faith of a child and she knew she needed to work directly with children. Matthew 18:3

2011 was the year when she was challenged to be involved in the 4/14 Window, a movement that focuses all their evangelism efforts to reach children between the ages of 4 and 14. She developed skills as an evangelist, interpreter and also as a teacher.

She embraced the idea that a teacher is someone who partners with the parents to raise children in God’s way. That is the reason she ended up attending the Teachers for the Nations school at Youth With a Mission (YWAM) in Texas.  This school prepares leaders to be able to influence the spheres of society with Biblical principles. The teachings revolutionize the mindset, that is useful not only in a classroom but in the Christian character of each individual.

The calling to the sphere of education motivated Lindsay to serve as a primary teacher for the youngest students at KLIP International, a K-12 school in the Central Valley of California that reaches out to Mexican families. Her resourcefulness, charisma, and love for children help her to make memorable lessons while the students learn God’s principles.

Lindsay moved back to her own city of Bogotá, Colombia to serve as an interpreter for those same teachers she had in Texas with a bilingual teacher training with YWAM Colombia with the purpose of forming more disciples that could teach according to the right Christian philosophy of Education. By this year 2017, she will be working on the same School but in BUCARAMANGA.

Lindsay has walked by obedience to God, so this will be a transition to identify whether He wants her to plant the seeds of Liberty on her Nation or once again with latin Americans living in the USA. 

During this season in Bogota, she got the responsibility to coordinate the Education sphere through the Global Transformation Network with Mark.Beliles as a director and at the same time training in English new teachers with the phonograms method, with the desire they could understand by themselves the Providential Education that could transform the Christian Education in Colombia.

Lindsay had a scholarship with The Antioch Center for Training and Sending- ACTS school in frontier missions, but God is directing her to serve in her own country - Colombia.  She is engaged with ministries like YWAM and homeschool training for parents and teachers. 

Now, that she is working with latino American parents, they see the lacking of good resources in Spanish and that's why she wants to invest more of her time translating trustworthy curriculums from the United States. She expects enough support so she can work diligently to produce more of those essential books to teach children. 

She has already the approval of the Pilgrims Institute, the Providence Foundation and the Foundation American of Christian Education (FACE) to translate what they use to teach.

2017- CHC Colegio Herencia Cristiana - YWAM Bucaramanga. I invite you to be invest in this VISION where I'm a voluntary teacher. 



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