A Little About Myself

Hi there! My name's Mabel I'm a missionary based in North America. I was born in West Africa but I've lived in the U.S for pretty much all of my life. It's a popular belief that in ordered to be considered a missionary one must travel across the ocean but sometimes the greatest mission field is the one in our own backyard. My family and I migrated to the U.S as African refugees when I was just five years old. We've been here since then. At a young age, I knew God called me to greatly impact my generation. I always had a desire to see the youth of America be radically encountered by the presence of God. Since 2017 I've been holding outreaches in urban communities using creative and innovative avenues to reach this next generation. I will be relocating to West Palm Beach Florida for three months in order to assist in developing home churches. Our team conducts regularly street evangelism, identifies and disciples home church leaders, and hosts weekly gatherings. Would you link hands with me in this vision by helping me reach my goal of $3,300 for the duration of my stay in West Palm Beach Flordia? You can partner with me by giving a one-time or a monthly tax-deductible donation. 


May 15, 2020, we came together as the body of Christ. We gathered amongst fellow home church leaser as each person shared their vision and their heart for West Palm Beach. Many individuals spoke words that were inspired by the spirit of God, it was truly a book of Acts experience and a sight to behold. It was without a doubt that God was speaking as the common theme of the evening was "unity." I t was apparent that God desired unity not just for the city of West Palm Beach but also for the body of Christ.



 It is no doubt we are living in unprecedented times where large stadium gatherings may one day soon be a thing of the past. Due to 2020s Coronavirus pandemic churches were forced to close their doors, pastor and congregation members were arrested and fined. Churches who sought to congregate online were censored and many of their sermons were removed.  Never in my life did I think I'd be attending a drive-in church service but as difficult circumstances arose so did the body of Christ. Churches all over the country found creative and innovative means to continue to gather. This pandemic foretold of what the end times will be like. Although we may not be in the last days, we are most certainly experiencing the birth pains that Jesus forewarned about. 

Last year a team and I began a movement in Apopka Flordia called The Gathering Movement. The Gathering is a creative art and worship movement with a mission to know God and to make Him known. We held a three-day gathering in Apopka Florida where various forms of worship were used to minister and draw others to the Lord. We were a small but essential group, revival was birth in many of our hearts that weekend. We all returned to our cities as God burned a fire in each of us.

Since then a member of our team has begun missionary work in her city to raise up and develop home churches. We have seen as a result of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic just how easily our religious liberties can be taken away if we let them. The prohibiting of large gatherings had a great impact on the modern-day church. It is no doubt that as God sent Noah to prepare for the flood or Joseph to prepare for the famine He has also sent our team to South Florida to prepare for the coming persecution of the church. As times change it is becoming more apparent that one day we may not be able to gather freely and may have to result in meeting like the early church once did, in their homes.

A member of our team has already acquired a home where she and two others are currently living. I will be relocating to West Palm Beach for the summer of 2020 in order to help kick start the work in this region. We will conduct street evangelism, host home gatherings, identify and disciple leaders to also start churches in their own homes. 

During my time in West Palm Beach, I will be staying in the community home with the other missionaries for three months. I will be working a temporary part-time job in order to pay for expenses, but unfortunately, I will not be working enough hours to meet all of my expenses. I am raising support to help meet the needs of my living expenses for the duration of my time in South Florida. We're often quick to travel to a distant mission field all while neglecting the mission field in our very own backyard. I believe it's time for another great spiritual awakening in America. Join me in preparing the harvest of souls and bringing revival to America. You can partner with me through your generous giving.


Life In Ministry

I began working in youth ministry at the age of eight-teen by age twenty-two, I had graduated from the River Bible Institute with a certificate in ministry. After graduating I began working in ministry part-time hosting community outreaches, prayer/ worship gatherings, and evangelism classes.


Christmas Miracle 2016

December of 2016 the citizens of Apopka truly experienced a Christmas miracle. With only a week to plan, our team organized a holiday giveaway. We not only distributed groceries, clothing, and new unwrapped toys for children but we also preached the gospel.  Over a hundred people were in attendance and seventy-five of those people said the prayer of salvation and received Jesus Christ as Lord and saver.

Community Outreach
After the success of the holiday give away, I started hosting outreach/evangelism classes at Word Of Life Church Apopka. In this course, members were taught how to be an effective evangelist. Classes went on for the duration of a year. During the course, we evangelized weekly and held quarterly outreaches where members preach and ministered. 

Transitioning Into a Movement

After three years of working part-time in ministry, in October of 2019, I helped to co-found a movement called The Gathering. Five different ministries came together in order to see a move of God birth in the city of Apopka.

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