Taylor Phillips

This year I am on staff in Oxford, New Zealand for the Climbers Discipleship Training School (DTS) through Youth With a Mission (YWAM)! I love the idea of getting to pair our passions of what we love with Who we love, that is why the climbers DTS has grabbed my attention, not only do we get to spread the gospel, but we get to do it while climbing! Using climbing as an evangelism tool is so unique and brings such a different mentality to doing things we love. When we bring God into those activities, it makes it so much more meaningful. Because I will be on staff, it means planning the outreach and walking along side students who are learning what it means to walk with The Lord daily and surrendering their whole lives to Christ.

The first three months of this program are pretty much like school, but way better because we spend three hours a day in the classroom getting to learn about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. The rest of the time is spent processing, journaling, group time, one-on-ones, and small groups. Once the lecture phase is over, it's time to take all of the tools that we gathered, load them on our tool belt and head for outreach. The three months of outreach in South East Asia are spent climbing with people from all over the world and spreading the gospel! HOW COOL IS THAT?! We also spend time taking a more traditional ministry approach by visiting orphanages and helping run summer camps. 

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