Sophie McLachlan

Awaken Love for Africa

Sophie serves as the Director and Founder of Awaken Love for Africa in the UK since 2007. She had dedicated her life to bring hope to the poor all over the world.

ALFA has a sister charity in the USA which is run by Kristin Amos. Together, these organisations work to see hope given to the hopeless through a wide variety of projects. Their main project is a partnership with Gideon’s Children Home in Kenya, where they run a child sponsorship program. The program provides clothing, shelter, food, education, medication, and LOTS of LOVE to 240 children that live on site. Food and education programs extend to a further 500 children from the community. There are children that are suffering with HIV/AIDS that live on site and Awaken Love care for them and provide medical support also.

Sophie is excited with what is happening in Kenya as not only do they serve the orphans and widows but they preach the Gospel. In 2017 they saw over 600 people give their lives to the Lord!


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