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"We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure..." Hebrews 6:19

"And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love." 1 Corinthians 13:13


My Story.

My name is Taylor Smith, and I was born and raised in Texas. In recent years, I have been called to serve in Serbia. I have gone on several mission trips with my church, and as my heart grew more fond of the people in Serbia, I knew I needed to do something more. I found out about YWAM through a friend and went through a Discipleship Training School that took place in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Hungary. I felt my call confirmed during the time this school took place, and by the grace of God, I am now living in the city of Užice, Serbia. I have established many lasting relationships here and would like to continue building relationships while sharing the Good News. I have lived here since March 2019, and just extended my commitment for another 5.5 years. 

Continue reading to see what we have been doing as a team and what our vision is for the future.



YWAM Užice

This is a short video that shows the city I work in. We are a city in Western Serbia where Orthodoxy is widespread and seen as the "only right religion." Our mission here is to know God and make God known. We want to see the people of Užice and Serbia to be in relationship with God and to live their lives with God. The link to our website is below if you would like to read more about what we do here as a team. 


One-On-One Bible Study

I have multiple friends in different cities who are looking to learn more about God, so I lead a couple of one-on-one Bible studies with friends. As you probably know, it is so important to be in community, so I am trying to be that for them...and for me! The purpose of these Bible studies is to help deepen each believer's relationship with God, empower these women as daughters of the King, and to gain experience in leading studies for the future when I will need to hold larger studies. 


Why Language?

I am learning the language in order to communicate with the locals in their heart language. The local language is Serbian and it is a difficult language, but I am making immense improvements! A lot of people here don't speak any English, so it is important for me to learn the local language.



One of my top spiritual gifts is administration. I didn't think there was any way I would be able to use that gift over here but I have actually been able to execute my gift. I run administrative meetings each week, help to plan and organize activities, and have helped with the business plan for the cafe we are wanting to open as a business as mission opportunity. I am also on the YWAM CE (Central European) Communication Circle. I help with editing articles for our blog, take the meeting minutes, and help keep the contact list up-to-date. These sound like boring, mundane tasks to most people, but it is something I enjoy and that I do well at! 


The Cafe

As a new and pioneering team in Užice, there are many possibilities for us. One of our dreams is to open a cafe and run it as a business as mission ministry. This is something that would not only help the economy and community around us, but it would also help to sustain other ministries that are on our hearts. We feel like it is not the timing to open a cafe, but are renting a space to have as a ministry center. This will serve as a hub for language lessons, Bible studies, cultural events, home church, and more! 



Something that I have been passionate about for several years is anti-trafficking. It is a huge problem all over the world, and it is something I would like to help with in Užice. It has become apparent that the first step I need to take is to raise awareness. I have spoken with a gentleman who works for the city, and in his words, I need to "educate the educators." My vision for this ministry is to eventually have a space to help women and men who have been trafficked integrate back into normal life, as well as have a counseling ministry. This ties in with the cafe ministry because we could hire victims who have been trafficked by teaching them basic life skills that they may not have learned due to being in bad conditions for much of their lives. 



Modern Day has made a way for all supporters to be tax-deductible recipients. Along with that, there is also an option to give a one-time or recurring monthly donation. Those who staff with YWAM are full-time volunteers, which means we are fully funded by churches, families, and individuals who feel called to support! My monthly goal is USD 1,500, which covers food, living accommodations, medical expenses, travel, and ministry work all while staffing with YWAM Užice. If you desire to support me in prayer, monthly financial partnership, or by a one-time donation, I would be SO incredibly grateful to partner with you in the ministry here! God is moving in a BIG way and it's amazing that we get to be a small part of it! Thank you for wanting to sow a seed into the Kingdom!


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