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With a calling to music and mission, we are "musicianaries," based in Dundalk, Ireland and traveling wherever we are invited to share and serve through story and song, to build up the local church, and to meet practical needs. We perform at house concerts, pubs, and churches, write and record songs, and volunteer locally and abroad. We are constantly amazed and how and where God can use us!


the largest town in Ireland, with a population of 35,000 people is the halfway point between Belfast and Dublin and just a few km south of the border with Northern Ireland.  


Randy Kerkman

Randy was that troublemaker kid that the whole youth group was praying for He became a Christian at camp in the late 1970s. Co-founder of the Warehouse Church in Aurora, IL, former co-owner of a sound company, and guitarist for several bands, with the unique distinction of having his music released on cassette, vinyl, and CD, he also served 11 years as a Denver deputy sheriff before embarking on the "year of yes" that led us to mission in Ireland. He is a Chicago Cubs fan through and through, and enjoys sarcasm, good pizza, and playing his guitar loudly.  

Beki Hemingway Kerkman

Beki asked Jesus into her heart at the age of 6, but the journey to deep faith has taken years and continues daily. Growing up at a Christian camp and having attended Colorado Christian College (for a year), she is familiar with ministry, but her own work career has been varied - backup singer, executive assistant, travel coordinator, and movie extra before (and during) working with Randy on their own musical endeavors. She loves to meet new people, travel, and is a terrible dancer who likes  vegetarian food, and really loves to have guests in the house. 

Team K

Married for 28 years, we first came to Ireland for our 10th anniversary. It seemed like a dream location then, but several subsequent trips revealed real hurt and spiritual darkness in this island country, where only 1%-2% of the people claim to be "Christian" and where terms like Catholic and Protestant are political, rather than religious. Living in a border town (between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland) comes with a local history all its own to learn and unique set of challenges. We feel particularly called to this place at this time! 


    1. *Spread the love of Christ, specifically to musicians
    2. *Spark conversation and community through music, especially house concerts.
    3. *Share hospitality in our home to friends, neighbors, and travelers
    4. *Support Irish Christians & the church through prayer, service, relationship, & music help
    5. *Finish BA in Theology (Randy - May 2020 Irish Bible Institute)

This summer, we will be in the USA for a house concert tour. If you'd like to book us for a concert, or to share with your small group or church congregation, this helps support our work here in Ireland! 

Email us: bekiandrandy at gmail dot com.


 (We send it out every month or two).


We are fundraising...

to meet a monthly need of $3500 for 2019. Currently, we receive 12% in monthly donations, and earn about 10% of our need with concerts. We welcome your questions about budgets, cost of living, or anything else regarding the work here and on the road.

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