Brian and Kathryn Jones

For over five years, we have been serving in Eastern Europe in the tiny land-locked country of Moldova.  For almost all five of those years, we worked alongside a US based non-profit with houses for young men and young women here in Moldova.  Within this organization, we served as house parents to many young women who had either aged out of the orphanage system or were from socially vulnerable families.  Our goal there was to provide them access to a safe and loving home, access to education, and a chance to know Jesus.  We loved doing life with our girls and daily showing them God's love!

In Summer 2019, we transitioned to a new organization working with transitions at a much smaller and more intentional level.  We look forward to seeing how God will use our gifts for his glory within the Moldovan community!

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 Team Jones in Moldova

  For the last five years, every day life for Brian and Kathryn has been quite full.  They served as administrators, house parents, and much more for a US based non-profit in Moldova.  For Kathryn and Brian, the most important part of their job has been loving and guiding these young women in to safe and fulfilling independent living.  They loved being house parents to 15 amazing, loud and outspoken teenage girls and mentors to an additional 15 equally amazing and equally rowdy girls!  In July 2019, Team Jones transitioned to work with a new organization, Into Freedom.  As part of Into Freedom, they are doing life and living as a small family unit with four amazing young women who are in the middle of their university programs.  They feel so blessed to be house parents for these four young ladies who have become like family for them over the past 4 years.  As always, Brian and Kathryn's goal is to daily live out the gospel by loving people just as they are and to be a beacon of hope in a country where hope is often difficult to find.  They will continue to work with local schools, orphanages, churches, and other NGOs when they can to assist in various ways, share the gospel, and to share information and training about personal safety and human trafficking.  In previous summers, alongside two other local organizations, they helped with a five day anti-trafficking camp for 150 young women from orphanages and vulnerable families across Moldova.  This year, Team Jones has had the privilege to have small day camps at two different orphanages within Moldova. 

In the summer of 2018, Team Jones had the honor of walking three of their girls into married life.  Brian walked all three girls down the aisle at their weddings and handed them over to their amazing young men.  It was a whirlwind summer and Team Jones was simply overwhelmed with God's goodness that they had the honor to be a part of the lives of these precious young women.  The greatest joy for Brian and Kathryn is seeing the girls independent, in healthy relationships, and loving Jesus!  During the spring and summer of 2019, they have spent their time with girls who have aged out of the transition home- they have enjoyed watching the girls and their families grow!  This summer alone they have visited with four of their "grandchildren".  They will have the honor in September of being a part of the baptism of twins!!!

Thank you to everyone for supporting Team Jones in Moldova and for making daily life in Moldova happen!

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