Bill + Amanda Batterson

The Batterson Tribe 

in South Africa

After 4 years in Tanzania, 6 months in Australia, and a couple years on home assignment in the US... we're back to the continent where we became a Tribe!

We're currently living in the South Coast area of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, where we are partnering with First Love International. We bring HOPE to the rural areas of South Africa through community development, education and mentorship.


We endeavor to live an authentic life that testifies to the freedom offered in Jesus, to serve with all we have, to love with all we are, and give with all we have been given. 
Our desire is to be a catalyst of transformation in our host country. We aim to leave a legacy that has empowered nationals and to see lives changed through the love, grace, hope and freedom found in a relationship with the Father.

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We believe in the importance of spreading the gospel, and sometimes the best way to do that is living among the people.  Developing relationships and understanding a different culture takes times and intentionality.  I respect any person leaving their familiar surroundings to serve in a country not their own.  Also what we appreciate about the Battersons is their ability to come along side another and hold up their arms.

Michael + JaLaeh Singer

I think it's important if God is putting a certain "ministry" on your heart, and you can't physically DO the work at the moment, then GIVE to the cause that CAN do the work. By giving you really are doing! You may not be the hands and feet, but you help the hands and feet be able to do the work that's changing lives, thus you are making just as much impact.

Mike + Charyl Witt

Being generous to others who are seeking to fulfill His call on their lives by spreading the Gospel is a privilege, and I am honored to partner with the Battersons as they do just that.  As another missionary completely dependent on donor support, I have never questioned that God would provide enough for me to live and still give to others, even when my own support was lacking and I was underfunded. It is a faith step that is sometimes daunting, but always worth it. 

Brittany Gardner

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