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The Hollands! 


The Hollands! are tillers and travelers. A mother, father, sister, and brother, bound by blood and a vision to travel about this earth, spreading a message of reconciliation through the love of Christ. They make their way sharing their gifts and talents, music, craftsmanship, mentoring, instruction, merrymaking and community building. The Hollands are driven by a deep desire to see “The Body” reconciled to each other and to God. They encourage community and growth in relationships.



At the end of 2010 The Hollands! recognized a huge disconnect in their marriage, family, spirituality, global footprint and finances. They were the typical middle-class American family, working full-time, pursuing their musical passion, school committees and organizing neighborhood gatherings. Trials came their way which led the Holland family through a major transformation process that included deeper connectivity, reconciliation, and purpose. They cast a dream/vision for a life that was transparent, holistic and community focused. They launched in their MCI-9 bus conversion in 2011 and have been rolling ever since.

What they have learned thus far:

 "No longer do comfort and security sit in the forefront of our existence but rather faith and adventure have risen to the top. Faith that God goes before us, weaving us together with humanity for the purpose of exchanging gifts and talents so that those we meet along the way would see that reconciliation and restoration to both God and others, including their enemy is actually possible. And, adventure has allowed us to see the Glory of God in all it’s splendor, from the beauty of creation and the diversity of nature to meeting people from all walks of life, learning and gleaning wisdom from them about God’s faithfulness in their culture and traditions." 

Stepping out and being available to go where ever the Spirit of God weaves them has allowed them to participate and see the body of Christ activated in all God intended it to be─ alive and giving life, whole, and healing, and they have had the opportunity to share those stories with others that they might be encouraged and revived by God's faithfulness. The Hollands! have had the opportunity to sit across the table, encourage and build up kinfolk from all walks of life, throughout the US, Canada, Australia and SE Asia.  



The act of giving reminds us that we live by the grace of God—like the birds and the flowers. Those creations don’t worry about their future; neither should we. Giving offers us a way to express our confidence that God will care for us just as He cares for the sparrow and lily (Matt. 6:25-34). 

When you commit to giving to The Hollands your financial gifts spur them on in their faith as they commit to being the hands and feet. And by doing so, advance the Kingdom of God.

Here are a few ways your financial gifts are put to work….


FOLK/AMERICANA BAND: The Hollands! are seasoned concert performers, charming audiences with their intimate merrymaking. They are a full-time internationally touring family based in the US via Australia with a knack for engaging audiences and rousing a sing-along. They are 21st-century nomadic travelers and frolic in the organic folk revival scene.

IN SPIRIT AND TRUTH: The Hollands spirit of worship is sensitive and inclusive to all. Over the past 15 years, they have had the opportunity to lead worship in the US, Australia, Canada and Southeast Asia. They are “worship curators,” using scripture, song, and prayer to create a frame of connectivity and depth for participants to fully engage. They are also teachers and have developed worship, prayer and songwriting workshops, trained and taught at a span of conferences, churches, small groups, etc, taking the participants through study and the practical experience of creating a “collective” and curating worship. Their hope is to be apart of a rebirth of artistic expression and thought in worship. Most importantly they hope to invoke openness in the hearts, minds, and eyes of the Saints to the absolute majesty and reality of Yeshua.



HAMMER AND TACK: As well as a skill set and knowledge base that comes naturally, Craig has fifteen years of experience in the building and trades industry. He is creative, efficient and quality minded. He freely offers his gift to team or individual projects in hopes that his offering might encourage and build up the body of Christ. 

IN THE GARDEN: Craig’s passion for the soil runs deep within his soul. With an artistic eye, he has a knack for space and knows how to use it. Craig loves getting his hands in the dirt and coming alongside those who need a helping hand. 

THE APRON STRINGS: Jana has a rich heritage in the kitchen.  She has a vast knowledge in Food Science and has used that knowledge to educate those who are suffering from Cancer and other diseases. She has written a cookbook called "Behind the Apron Strings" and often finds herself sharing those recipes in others kitchens.



SPIRITUAL MENTORr: Jana has the gift of wisdom and longs to use her gift to encourage others in their calling and relationships. Jana has a BS in Communications and Psychology from the University of Wisconsin and twenty years of experience immersed in the life study of spiritual formation and cultural anthropology. She is currently working on an MA in Intercultural Studies from Fuller. Jana is a critical and creative thinker but at the core, she is a peacemaker. She has been on the front lines of mediating conflict and advocating for restoration through the miracle and ministry of reconciliation.

MORE MARRIED: A triune Marriage is no easy task. Secrets and lies can keep us from the most thrilling and intimate ride of our lives. The Holland’s openly share their journey through the highs and lows of marriage; offering a glimpse into the process of reconciliation and rebuilding the ruins. 

For a full day seminary or weekend conference experience, The Hollands partner with counselor, author, pastor, and founder of MORE Married, Jerry Price. The M.O.R.E process encouraging Marital Openness Routinely Experienced.




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