Shaun Wissmann

We are the Wissmann Family.  A crazy in love family that (tries) to love people like crazy! Shaun is a closet extrovert, that was saved by Jesus from the dungeons of drug addiction.  Since 2001 he has been on a journey to know what it means to be a beloved son, faithful friend, and disciple of Jesus. Amanda is not a closet extrovert.  She is a proud Texan; which means that it is an offense against the Republic if she isn’t loud and proud.  Jesus has been a integral part of her life since age seven.  However, it wasn’t until college that she fell head over heels in love with her Savior.  Her journey has been all about living a life of worship, not only with song, but with every action.They have been married for ten years, living largely as nomads ultimately ending up in Lima, Peru for the past five plus years as Modern Day missionaries.  There, God worked a miracle and they were blessed with a beautiful redhead named Judah Santiago.  His journey seems to be about Jesus, Ninja Turtles, swimming, and string cheese.

In 2015 they made another leap of faith by moving to San Bernardino, California. Usually, in these “about us” sections people talk about how broken their city is to give some context for why they have been called.  Well… San Bernardino has a rap sheet a mile long.  In fact, when LA Times writes several articles about how bad your city is, you know things aren’t pretty. But to us, that means that there is a harvest begging to be had. We have a simple call- Love God. Love People. Be Loved by God.  Be loved by People.

Our hope is that by being of the city, God might bring us deep relationships where we can make disciples of Jesus and see His church transform a hurting community.  We pray for a movement locally, so we might see a movement throughout the nations.

We would love to see you pray with us!!!


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