Zach & Fernanda Forner

Zach, Fernanda & Lucca Forner

Serving in Split, Croatia

In July of 2016, the Lord began to stir our hearts to finally (after much waiting) begin preparing for the mission field in Europe.  By September our house was sold and we began the process of "downsizing" and by God's grace we narrowed it to 3 suitcases!  Truth be told, we had no idea where we were going at first, but we knew it was time to go and begin this journey to share Jesus in Europe.  After several invitations through friends we initially spent time in both Germany and Moldova for the remainder of 2017 then landed here in Split, Croatia in January of 2018.  It was at this time that the Holy Spirit began to open doors for us to stay and minister here long-term. 

Immediately on the ground we began to see the desperate need for all forms of ministry in Southern Croatia.  Although the Gospel was presented here as mentioned in Romans 15 (Illyricum) some 2,000 years ago, Croatia has found itself beginning to be immersed in secular European culture.  Croatia, formerly a part of communistic Yugoslavia was plagued by war and instability.  Only in the early 90's was the Gospel re-introduced into this region, which means we face many early church issues and it remains fragile.  In our city of 180,000 there are only about 6 Bible-believing fellowships, most of which have less than 30-40 people in attendance.  It is through a local fellowship here that we have found a home to minister and begin developing ministry in Split.  For the the current year of 2019 and besides our work with the local church our focus will remain on the students that we have engaged with through developing Grupa Mladih Split last year.  We have made it a personal commitment this year to spend as much personal time as we can with students that have opened their hearts to us.  Through this we are able to sow deeply into their lives and see long-lasting fruit!

 We are still asking and praying for financial partners who want to see God's Kingdom established here in Croatia.  We are currently looking for about 36 new partners at $50/month or 18 partners at $100/month. Please consider partnering with us!

Bible Study with students. One of 

many to come!

Fernanda sharing her testimony in


Zach regularly teaches in our local 


Worship time...

Translation, "Young Adults Split - Following Jesus together"

Our first Grupa Mladih gathering!

2 Year Vision & Goal (2018-2019)

The Vision

For Grupa Mladih Split (Split Young Adults) to become a community of fellowship for local students.  Also to develop opportunities for discipleship on a one-on-one basis to sow deeply into individual lives.

The Goal

To see a group of young adults become mature disciples of Jesus through prayer, teaching of the Word and ultimately activating them in their individual callings/purposes.

Our Local Ministry Team

In the country of Croatia, we serve as missionaries under EPC which is the national evangelical church here.  We also serve weekly with our local fellowship, "Jesus light of the world church".  Lastly, we are partnered with Modern Day missions who exists to facilitate our funding/support needs and provides a way for financial partners to support us in building God's Kingdom in Croatia!

We are Believing for Financial Partners!

Would you consider joining and investing with us in what God wants to do in Croatia?  Please consider partnering with us as we attempt to secure funding for 2019.  Any financial gift is welcome and we are specifically praying for monthly partners in the amount of $25, $50 or $100 a month.  We believe that God will bless your giving and the work that is to be done here! You can partner with us below or by going to  Thank you!

Contact Us

If you have any questions or want to reach out to us, please feel free to do so with the email link provided below.  We also send out updates by email quarterly, please let us know if you would like to be added.  Lastly, the Facebook link below will take you to our "Forner Family News" page where we constantly provide updates on our work here.  As always, please keep us in your prayers!

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