In the mid-1970s, Cambodia was plagued by a brutal regime that resulted in one of the worst mass killings of the 20thcentury. The Khmer Rouge, under the leadership of Marxist dictator Pol Pot, terrorized the Southeast Asian country sending many to labor camps, prisons and killing fields across the nation, where they later died of torture, disease and starvation.

The Khmer Rouge was responsible for the deaths of over 2 million people before it ultimately fell from power in 1979. Tens of thousands were made widows and orphans, and those who lived through the regime were severely traumatized by their experiences.

Four decades on, Cambodia is still grappling with its past. Families battle with multi-generational wounds that manifest themselves both psychologically and physically.

I’ve been serving God in Cambodia for nearly two and a half years. As a prayer warrior, I spend many evenings prayerfully interceding for the salvation of Cambodia as well as for the healing of those scarred by the Khmer Rouge Regime. Through that, God has been faithful in opening doors for me to share my faith with the various people I encounter. Some time ago, I was able to share my testimony with a neighbor in Siem Reap. I am very excited to say, that he accepted Jesus as his Savior! Now that’s worth celebrating! I have also witnessed God perform miraculous healings. Through prayer, a cut off toe was replaced, blind eyes see, deaf ears hear, diseases have been healed and a spirit of hope has replaced depression and anxiety!

Apart from my day to day encounters, I’ve been prayerfully searching for a ministry to be a part of. This past year, God answered that prayer when He connected me with Sue Harris. Sue is establishing a healing ministry in Phnom Penh for Khmer people and asked if I would assist her team with a Living Waters Healing Seminar in June. Of course, I said yes!

When It came time for the seminar, we were encouraged to learn that 125 people came seeking healing! I’d never seen anything like it before. With each speaker, we sat on the edge of our seats as we listened to the brokenness of their stories. Many cried as they shared of the sexual and relational brokenness they had been carrying from various wounding’s.

But as Jeremiah 30:17 tells us, “I will restore you to health and heal all your wounds.” And that’s exactly what happened!

Through the seminar, attendees became more self-aware of their wounding, were able to initiate and commit to the healing process and many left healed! And what’s even more exciting is that we are hearing stories of attendees going home and sharing their testimonies with their families and friends!

Let the healing begin!

God is at work in Cambodia! Please continue to pray for the salvation and healing of this country.

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Carol Baird


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