In Angono, Philippines just outside of Manila we are seeing incredible favor with the authorities and the schools. God has opened the door to preach the gospel in all of the public schools here. We have preached Jesus to over 10,000 students.

One particular story I would like to share happened the first week of December in a high school. I was preaching to the 7th graders in an outdoor, covered basketball court. Just before I arrived there it had begun to rain since it seems to always be raining in the Philippines. However, thank God it stopped raining when I arrived. Because of the rain they wanted to have the meeting in the hallway and classrooms nearby. I did not feel good about this idea and I asked them if we could move the meeting to the covered court. Thank God they agreed to this.

I was by myself with no other local friends or pastors to help me in this meeting. Normally, I had at least my interpreter with me. Today, he was in school and running late. This is when I learned to put all my trust in God alone. They set up the sound equipment and introduced me. Around 250 students sat down on the pavement. I asked one of the 7th graders named Jennie to be praying for me and her classmates. I preached on purity, abstinance, and the gospel. I felt like things were going ok but was hoping my friend would show up soon to help me with the altar call. The teachers had told me to take my time and had given me permission to give an altar call. Sure enough, towards the end of my preaching I looked across the street to see my friend, Pastor Joshua had just shown up on his motorbike.

I was relieved to have him there and asked him to help me give an altar call. We led the students in a prayer to receive Christ in their hearts. Also, we led them in a prayer to commit themselves to stay a virgin until they are married. Then, we invited them forward to receive special prayer who had broken families, broken hearts, or needed some type of healing. I put on some worship music. Many came forward for prayer – I would say around 30. Most of them were girls who came up with tears in their eyes. They came from broken families and began to weep and weep while receiving prayer. The presence of God began to touch their hearts. One girl asked me to pray for her father who was a drunk and she wanted him to come to church with her. She began to cry very deeply. As we prayed over her and many others we could feel the love of God for them and the presence of God touching them. Another girl would come up and say pray for me because I come from a broken family and my parents are separated. Then, she would began to cry so deeply. Thank God for the opportunity to preach in the schools and to minister to these precious students! We are seeing the Holy Spirit fill the schools and give God all the glory.

By: Tom Gustafson

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  • Avatar Jarod Luba says:

    This is great! I had a similar experience a couple years ago. I was the first international missionary to visit several schools in Batangas Philippines. I was allowed to go from classroom to classroom and minister the Gospel at two different schools! That was a couple years ago and I am now getting ready to return to the Philippines in March or April of 2018.

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