How Missionaries can Maximize End-Of-Year Giving

by | Dec 2, 2022 | Missions Articles



End-of-the-year giving is a phenomenon that many people in the missions world hear about and want to believe is true, but they simply don’t have the experience or evidence to back up what they are hearing…until now!! Keep reading as I provide you with detailed, historical data from the finance office of Modern Day Missions to prove that end-of-the-year giving is not only true, but it’s even better than what you are probably thinking! And of course, this conversation is only able to happen because of the thousands of generous donors that give to the 700+ missionaries at Modern Day Missions. To all of you donors, we say THANK YOU! 

Now, let’s get into the numbers.

Modern Day Missions sees an annual increase of around 83 percent giving in the month of December. Fifty-three percent of that increase comes in the LAST FOUR days of the month! That’s right––it’s not a typo––the last FOUR days! For years, we have tracked this data and it has proven true each year. That 83 percent number can vary slightly but on average, it has been very consistent.

These numbers are staggering, but let’s see how it applies to the everyday missionary. Let’s say that Missionary “A” normally raises $1,000 per month. According to our statistics, this person is likely to raise $1,830 in December. Of that $830 increase, we usually see $300 come in the first 27 days of December and $530 come in in the last four days. The question is, what does Missionary “A” need to do to maximize this potential? 

We at Modern Day Missions believe there are a few key things that need to happen:

  1. End-of-year email newsletter – This newsletter is about wrapping up the previous year and casting vision through some simple “teasers” for things that are coming in the new year. This email newsletter should go out in early to mid-December. 
  2. Personalized communication – Your donor and support team base is made up of a variety of people who stay connected with you in different ways. Find out what those key “touch points” are with each donor and connect with them in this way. This could be via social media, a Zoom meeting, a coffee meetup, or a simple text convo. The point is to connect with each donor in the way they prefer. 
  3. Last four days of the year – These are four days when people are giving in a tremendous way. Remember, we are not making this up; the data proves it. It’s important to be active with your donor/support base in these last four days in a way that you feel is fitting and not pushy. The idea is to keep the incredible opportunity of sowing into your life and ministry before them. When they think about giving, make sure you are top of mind!

In the end, God has called all of us to be generous givers! People who give with a cheerful and willing heart! (II Corinthians 9:6-8) You, as the missionary, are living a life of sacrifice to see God’s Kingdom advance in the nations. This means that you and your ministry are incredible soil to plant seeds in. Those seeds include financial seeds. 

End the year well with love, communication, care, and generosity, and may this end-of-the-year be your best yet in every way!



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