Two years ago, Andy, Flori and her sister Adriana, brought to Mexico the ministry of inner healing and deliverance. Andy & Flori are a bi-cultural couple, she a Mexican with American citizenship and He an American, with Mexican/American roots.Everything started in Central Mexico, in Tlahuelilpan, in the state of Hidalgo, where it’s said Christianism arrived to the country.

The organization has been key, they have not only invested time in sowing into the lives of others. Andy has the vision, and Flori as an architect, extends the bridges to reality. Together they have been connectors between USA and Mexico to extend the kingdom of God.

The small team of three, have done a detailed and meticulous work to transform the lives of Christians from various parts of the country. Many have come to Tlahuelilpan, because they were stuck in their past, oppressed by their inheritances, by the making vows and judgments in their lifetime.

Testimony – Irene got married this Spring

A prophetic voice with a powerful vision, whom the troubles at home and the dealing with people had her oppressed. She had gone through churches and encountered a list of hurtful experiences with leaders using her God’s giving gifting for later ignored or hurt her.

Irene who had felt invisible and hurt, resurfaced from her ashes after a Freedom and Fullness seminar and personal sessions. God had shown her the way to a new life and she was willing to embrace it. This ministry became her new family as she served as a volunteer and started to learn more about God’s authority as she went through the training. She reconnected with the Father’s heart, and joyfully step into her calling and purpose. Today she lives in Costa Rica with her husband and both share a prophetic and apostolic Ministry.  They travel to central Mexico, ministering to Christians.

This year, International Kingdom Connectors Ministries (IKCM), was formally established as a 501c-3 Non-Profit Organization, aimed at bringing freedom and teaching to Christians throughout North and Latin America.

It was also 2016, when IKCM began the first Personal Ministry and Inner Healing Training with former participants of the Freedom and Fullness Seminars.

The training provided by IKCM was given in four courses throughout 2016 where students, all active in different ways in their local churches, could become co laborers as they graduated. This training offered for the first time in Spanish, was taught in Tlahuelilpan (central Mexico).

Andy and Flori have worked together to give identity and integrity to the ministry and their work as teachers and ministers. They are also executive leaders. They have the vision to grow, under the order of God and the heart to see people free and released in their destiny.

Over the las two years, Flori have translated and/or edited the material for the Seminar Freedom and Fullness (the 2 ways the enemy finds to enter our lives, the 5 doors we open such as disobedience, vows and judgements, generational curses, unforgiveness and emotional trauma, and the 14 root spirits).

She has translated, edited and published the four course training series to be able to advance in the project that God has for Mexico through this ministry, in the effort to reach out to the Hispanic community, including those in United States.

CMP201 – Introduction to Deliverance Ministry

CMP301 – Personal Ministry Training

CMP302 – Wholeness and Inner Healing

CMP303 – Personal Ministry Internship

This year of 2016, Andy and Flori also offered simultaneous translation from English to Spanish for Personal Ministry Training classes offered in Dallas, Texas.

Andy and Flori are both working to raise up teams of volunteers and leaders to help with the ministry. Adriana (Flori’s sister), the third core leader who plans and coordinates the seminar and training events in Mexico, is also an instructor for the training and seminar.

All the core leaders wear multiple hats in the ministry:  Flori organizes and directs the seminars and training, she is an instructor and teacher, interpreter and translator, editor, and publisher.  Andy oversees the operations, administration, finances, and public relations along with being a teacher and instructor. He ministers in churches in Mexico where God uses him to prepare the church for the times to come, through prophetic words that God imparts through him. Andy is also actively involved in prophetic Marketplace ministry to entrepreneurs and business leaders in the United States and other countries.

When they are not away doing ministry, they are serving in their home church of Gateway Grand Prairie, Texas.

Our 2017 Mission for ministry in Mexico and USA:

Lead Spanish Freedom and Fullness Seminars

Develop and mentor graduated students from 2016 training

Hold Spanish Seminar in North and Central America

Continue raising up volunteer teams

Personal Ministry Sessions

Continue to mentor and activate student graduates to do sessions

Continue providing ministry sessions to those in need

Personal Ministry Training in Spanish

Provide Spanish Training in the United States

Promote training to churches leaders and ministries

Prophetic Prayer Ministry

Support Marketplace Prayer Ministry

Continue Prophetic Ministry and Preaching

Continue the Translation of New Material to be offered in 2017

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