Within the dark twisted world of prostitution, most girls on the street are there because of fear or a dependency on a drug addiction. A few weeks ago we ministered to prostitutes on the streets of South Orlando, FL and while we found that to be true, a few claimed they felt they just didn’t have any other choice. Can I be blunt for a moment? While I understand a post like this may offend someone, as a follower of Jesus I’m reminded of Luke 4:18 “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised…” 

Over the last few months I’ve asked the Lord to feel me with anguish. To birth a new burden deep within my heart for those who are considered hopeless. To kindle the flame that’s already been inside of me for those who are held captive. I’m writing this because I believe when God’s people pray, He listens…and right now there’s two individuals that need prayer warriors to intercede. You see, panic accelerates despair and anxiety which eventually leads to making horrible decisions. You’d be surprised what a single mother with no job, no savings, a drug addict mother and an incarcerated father will do to survive. 

Some aren’t equipped mentally to handle a pandemic like the one we’re currently going through. And while I believe in many ways it’s a good thing that many of us have slowed down, the devil is still out here preying on the weak. What we saw that night ministering to prostitutes on the street were broken souls drowning in sin and addiction held captive in Satan’s playground. My wife wrote personal letters to different women who all have been selling their bodies for money. Along with those letters each one of these women received a red rose. We didn’t film much of this on purpose, but two out of the women we gave roses and letters to allowed me to share the gospel with them. My heart weeped for both of them as tears filled up in their eyes when they caught a glimpse of the love of Jesus.

They shared with me their stories and eventually let me open the Word. As our conversation unfolded, I could see the cut marks on both their arms, the indicators of drug addiction, and the grip the devil had on them. God clearly told me a few weeks back to plant a seed here, so that’s what we did and his gospel did not return void. After they heard the gospel they were very opened to me praying for them. I prayed for chains to be broken and blinded eyes to be opened. I prayed for the devil to flee, and to set these captives free in Jesus name. I prayed for repentance, conviction of sin, and Salvation. I prayed and pleaded that this would be the last night they’re ever out here in these streets. 

I prayed for breakthrough, healing, peace and for them to know how much they’re loved by their Heavenly Father. If you’re reading this please pray very hard for Mia and Krystal. Comment “praying” if you’re willing. Thank you all, so much. 

*IMPORTANT: We do not recommend anyone attempt this without first properly seeking the Lord, council, and wisdom.

By: Jacob Ebersole 

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  • Avatar Rebecca Smith says:


  • Avatar Xaundelle says:

    Praying! We’ve continued our efforts with women in the sex industry here in DFW amidst the pandemic and it’s amazing how open they are during this time!

    • Avatar Rachael McKinnon says:

      Amen thank you Lord, the Lord will Never leave to or forsake you. The Lord is steadfast and ever ready for all to return to Christ.

  • Avatar Connie Brocker says:

    Heavenly Father, I bring Mia and Krystal before Your throne of grace to help them in this deep time of need. They are lost, and desiring to know who You are. I ask that You would open their eyes to see You working and providing for them in very tangible ways. Reveal Yourself to them Jesus, as only You can. I ask Holy Spirit, that You would convict their hearts of Truth and knowledge concerning You and give them a hunger and thirst for right living. I ask that You would deliver them and protect them from the evil one. Shine forth Your Light, Love and Power into their darkness. My eyes are on You, knowing that You are able to bring VICTORY.
    In the beautiful and saving Name of all-power and authority, I pray. Amen.

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