Africa, Asia, South America. Very real unreached missions fields, with physical, emotional, spiritual needs. The USA. 318 million people, a very real overlooked missions field with physical, emotional and deep spiritual needs.

As missionaries, my husband and I are called to this country. This America, these people. A nation so filled with diversity, history, and passion. As a Canadian, this was not (ever) where I thought God would call me. I was taught a lot about the USA, none of it positive, and I carried those impressions and assumptions into my adult life. But as God does, He asked me to do something way outside of my comfort zone and move to Texas. He challenged me to look at this place through His eyes, and those things that I once saw as negatives turned into amazing qualities. What I thought was crazy zealous patriotism became loyalty and passion. Stubbornness I now see is great leadership and dedication. This nation has amazing God-like qualities that are often made to look ungodly.

This last January we brought a team of missionary students with other YWAM full time missionaries, and headed along the east coast from DC back here to our campus in East Texas. In Chester, South Carolina, we connected with a former YWAM staff couple, who have been living in Chester for a few years, working with a church and plugging diligently in the community. Our group was the first missionary team that this little town an hour outside of Charlotte had ever hosted.

As a ministry tool, our group was equipped with a multimedia production revealing the life and legacy of a missionary from our campus who was martyred in North Africa. His story is a powerful one, and is told in a way that is a challenge to live a life of being dead to our own selfish desires, and alive in Christ. At our first performance in the community, pastors from several churches stopped by and were so impacted by this story that they opened their churches to us, and filled the rest of our week with services. We had no idea at the time, but were later told, that these churches had been closed off to the other congregations for decades. With open arms we watched the many denominations in Chester welcomed each other, re-connecting and growing together as one body.

For Josh and I, that time in South Carolina was a perfect picture of the ministry vision God has been speaking to us for years. We witnessed the body of Christ joining together, becoming what Paul talked about when He said “…in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.” (Romans 12:5) God has called us two, working through an organization we love and have seen lives changed through, Youth With A Mission (YWAM), to build a team of America-hearted missionaries who are out on the road, reaching out to the greater body of Christ as well as all of the lost people in America.

We are missionaries in America. We often work with Churches, organizations, and ministries across the country. Even though not everyone we work with is impoverished or desperate for help, God still provides miraculously. He heals, He feeds, and the Holy Spirit is alive and working all over. We are so blessed to be hands and feet of God, who loves this country, these people, so much.

-Josh & Alex Sinke

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  • Avatar Desiree says:

    Although I believe missionaries are needed all over the world, I so agree with your heart and dedication to this country and these wonderful people! Thank you for all you are doing to reach America, and for your help and contribution to bring it back to its roots and Christian foundation!

  • Excited to find more missionaries to America! That is us. My wife Terri and I are called to this broken area of the Southwest and have been given big impossible dreams of opening a healing ranch. We specifically are called to the prodigals to call them home and release them into their destiny to rebuild the ruined cities. We will stay connected.Blessings and favor !

  • Avatar Pastor emmanuel david says:

    Godbless this international missionaries bodies in Jesus name Amen. Good mission ministrys

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