As I sit and ponder the history of missions, the future of missions and Romans 10:14-15, I wonder what is NEXT in missions. Where will our hearts lead us, where will our feet take us.

The world of Christian missions has endless platforms in this modern age. That has not always been the case. At one point in time it was just word of mouth to whom you could reach by walking. Then different means of transportation happen and people like Paul are taking the Gospel to different nations. Fast forward to more modern history and people like Hudson Taylor and Amy Carmichael traverse the globe to take Jesus to China and India, respectively. During the 20th century we also see radio and TV become players in proclaiming the gospel to the nations. In comes the 21st century and with the invent of the internet we see endless platforms for his goodness. Websites, podcasts, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others offer an enticing place to share the goodness of Christ’s love.

Today, through air travel, we can go almost anywhere we desire to go and we have! There are thousands of Christian missionaries spread across the globe. While I was serving as a missionary in China, I attended an “underground” small group. The group was led by Brazilian missionaries with the focus of reaching native Chinese while Americans and Europeans were in attendance as well. It was a melting pot of a small group, but it was fun and it worked! Multiple times I have also sat in a mega-church in Peru where thousands each weekend come to worship. That church was founded and still pastored by an American. I have also worked along side many different nationalities on the streets of Los Angeles as we served those on skid row.

At Modern Day Missions alone we are partnered with 244 missionaries in nearly 50 countries. That is a wonderful thing, but I still think about the countries that we hear are “closed” or just the countries you don’t hear much about. It’s obvious to see the challenges with places like North Korea, Syria, Yemen, Myanmar etc. I also wonder about the “stan” countries like Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. How about Europe? Is there a great awakening returning to that land?

As I wonder what is NEXT, I look at many of the things that are happening NOW.

1. Israel/Jewish people -We know from Romans Chp. 9-11 that great things are and will take place. You can look no further than the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute (MJBI) and the Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries (FIRM). Check both out at MJBI and FIRM.

2. Europe – I love the fruit I hear about these days out of Europe. Be sure to check out European Initiative and Intentional Strategies for Transformation.

3. South America – God is doing such great things amongst the Latins. Check out Camino De Vida for Peru, Shores of Grace for Brazil.

4. Asia – I have heard reports as high as 300 million Chinese believers and personally know of dozens of missionaries spread out through China and southeast Asia. Due to privacy and protection of those organizations and missionaries, I will not post about them here.

5. America – So much greatness is going on in this wonderful nation. You may not be excited about this nation politically or culturally, but the Kingdom is advancing mightily here! Check out a glimpse of what’s happening in anti-trafficking at Exodus Cry. Prayer in America? Check out IHOP. What about revival in America? Look no further than Harvest America and TheCall. You ask about churches, how about The ARC  network and the teaching and life coming out of Gateway Church. Let this serve as a small appetizer to the goodness that is going on in “church life” in America.

6. Africa – From Ethiopian jews coming to know the Lord to rescued children in Mozambique, the Lord is moving in a great way in Africa. Check out Iris ministries, MJBI – Ethiopia, and Globelink.

This is all a small fraction of the global advancement of the Good News.

To know what is NEXT, you have to look at what is NOW! God is using his body (the church) and strategically placing them in just the right spot to bring about His purposes and plans. All over the world, Jesus is being glorified. There is no stopping the advancement of His kingdom. Don’t let culture, CNN, Facebook or your local news dissuade you. Put on your “Kingdom glasses” and let the Holy Spirit show you his triumph each day. The harvest is plentiful, abounding, huge, great, large… Don’t miss out! Don’t be misled! The time is Now. What’s Next is Now!!

Marvin Slaton – Modern Day Director

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