Muslims turning to Jesus through Prayer & Worship

Aug 13, 2021 | Missions Articles

Almost 7 years ago, I saw in a dream a multitude of young Arabs dressed in white and surrounding a huge mountain. I knew in my dream that the mountain I was looking at represented Islam. And I knew that this mountain was – somehow – “hindering” the return of Jesus. I could also hear their one-word song filling the space as they cried out and sang, “Yasou’a! Yasou’a!” – “Jesus! Jesus!” in Arabic. The louder their voices became in worship, the more the mountain began to crumble and fall until it was no more.

Through that dream and several other encounters with the Lord during that season, I realized that the Lord is looking for a resting place in Jordan. The raising up of a House of Prayer was necessary to combat the spirit of Islam so prevalent in the culture.

To watch the expansion of a group of foreigners plus one Jordanian crying out to the Lord in an apartment living room to Jordan’s first fully-functioning House of Prayer has been nothing short of a miracle. Since the official opening of Jordan House of Prayer (JHOP) in August of 2016, we’ve watched in amazement as God has raised up men and women of all ages and nationalities give themselves to the place of prayer, worship, and abiding in faith that His Kingdom WILL come to Jordan. In a little over a year’s time, Jordanian believers have been delivered from fear and bondage under the presence of God, and hearts of apathy have turned to hearts of compassion for the lost.

For five years prior to JHOP being opened, we labored hard trying to reach the lost but as far as we know, not a single conversion occurred. However, a few months ago, “Rami”, a 21-year-old Muslim man searching for the truth about Jesus and in desperate need of deliverance from demon possession, showed up on the doorstep of the House of Prayer. After multiple long sessions of intercession by the laying on of hands with little breakthrough, members of JHOP got together on their own accord and cried out to the Lord for freedom for this man. As this was happening, “Rami” woke up in his bedroom to the sound of their worship and prayers on his behalf, and he is experiencing significant freedom today as a result.

Just few days ago, another 23-year-old Muslim friend of this man was searching for the truth on his own, heard what happened to “Rami” and realized that he, too, needed deliverance. After receiving prayer, he experienced the love of Jesus for the first time, received salvation, and both men are now being discipled.

It’s exciting to watch the convergence between missions and the House of Prayer in a way we haven’t seen before. The mountain is indeed falling apart as we sing for Jesus! This is simply one story of how Jesus is turning the hearts of Muslims to Himself through prayer and worship. They are literally showing up on our doorstep!

By: Saliba AbuGhazaleh

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