Elias Reyes

Elias Reyes, Founder & President of "Modern Day Missions"


Founder and President


Elias Reyes is an entrepreneur and Christian missionary. He is best known as the founder and President of “Modern Day Missions“, an international Christian mission organization that provides fundraising support services to missionaries. Elias Reyes was born August 4, 1962 in San Antonio, Texas.


Elias’ Story:

Shortly after Elias’s salvation in 1986, he noticed his pastor would invite him over for lunch after church whenever a missionary was visiting. Inwardly, Elias always asked himself WHY?! Elias’s pastor did this because he knew Elias had a call to missions long before he did himself. A year later, he found himself asking the God if He wanted him to go to Harvard to get his MBA or go straight to the mission field. After a supernatural event made clear his path; off to Harvard Elias went.

Over the years, Elias Reyes has been exposed to missions’ structures that placed so many demands on people before they could go to the field only to find many of them not actually make it to the field. As an entrepreneur, Elias wanted to setup an administrative structure that would help people to get to and stay on the mission field. On July 1, 2008, Elias Reyes formed “Modern Day Missions” as a nonprofit corportation.

Today, Elias is utilizing his years of business education and experience for the benefit of Christian missionaries. Over the years, he has been on 76 mission trips and  visisted 68 nations. Elias Reyes feels most alive when he is sitting with a missionary hearing his or her story.