Passover is a very special time for me as a Jewish believer in Jesus. It is special because I get to reenact the Exodus story and demonstrate visually through the Passover Seder how Jesus is indeed the Passover lamb. It is enriching for Christians and for Jews because the Jewish audience can see him as the Messiah while Gentiles can see him as more than just Savior, but also as Messiah and King. I did two Passover Seders in April of this year, one in Carlsbad, California and the other in LA at the Good Friday service. People are encouraged to bring their unsaved Jewish friends and unbelieving Gentiles or skeptics, as it is very evangelistic.

At the Seder in Carlsbad a Christian invited a Jewish friend who had 6 Chabad Rabbis (A very Orthodox Sect of Judaism) in his family, he was from an Orthodox family in Mexico City. He was touched by the message and we had dinner with him after the service. My wife Tatiana and I sat next to him at the Restaurant. I opened my Bible to Psalm 22 and asked him to read it. This Psalm describes Jesus crucifixion about 800 years before it was invented and was written by King David himself. He was very surprised at how clearly the Old Testament points to a crucified Messiah who will die for the sins of Israel. Although he did not receive Jesus that night, he clearly saw the Messiah in his very own Hebrew Bible, from another guy from an Orthodox Jewish background, namely myself! We had a great conversation and the seeds of salvation were planted in his heart. I know the Word of God never returns void and he will be saved in God’s timetable!

I then did the second Seder demonstration at a Church in LA on Good Friday where the pastor asked me to share Easter from the Jewish perspective. Of course it is unavoidable not to share the Last Supper as a Passover meal, shortly before Jesus crucifixion and subsequent resurrection. I felt strongly impressed to share how a one year old little lamb would have to live with a Jewish family in their home for at least four days before being sacrificed for that household. The children would get close to this cute little lamb without blemish or defect and it would in effect become part of the family. Once the children were attached to this sweet little creature the father had to explain to six year old Yossi as I called him how this little lamb would have to be killed for them. The horror and apparent brutality of this innocent little lamb being sacrificed would certainly break the heart of this little boy. But the Father would explain how according to the Law of Moses there had to be an innocent blood sacrifice to atone for the guilty. It would break his little heart but would prepare the nation ultimately for the innocent spotless Lamb of God who would come and die for the sins of his people and the world on Passover. After the service a very large bearded man came up to me deeply moved, he had accepted Jesus after my message. He said he had been studying for nine years to become a Jesuit Priest and he was about to look into Islam or some other religion for answers. But now he saw why there had to be a blood sacrifice and that without blood atonement through the Lamb of God we could not be forgiven. This powerful yet simple revelation was the missing piece in his faith and now the puzzle was complete.

On the one hand a Jew sees his Messiah in the Old Testament and on the other hand a seminary student who is a Gentile sees why a blood sacrifice is essential for his forgiveness. Both had different revelations of essential truth about the God of Israel who has come and taken away the walls between Himself and us and who has through the blood of the cross-made Jew and Gentile into one new man! Whenever a Jew or Gentile sees the need for their Messiah and receives him, I call this a Passover miracle! By God’s grace we take this message of God’s Passover lamb to our Jewish brethren and to Gentile’s all around the world. We have seen many come to salvation but the harvest is large and the workers are few. We would greatly appreciate your prayers and financial support as we take this message of hope and new life to God’s Chosen People across the US and around the world.

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